Your Stars 2012

As a venerable bard once crooned, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. By the same token, you don’t need an astrologer to forecast that 2012 is trouble. Politicians and pundits of all nations are queuing up to tell us so, almost competing to be the one with the worst news.

To the doom-laden predictions of Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and others, your humble star-gazer can add little except ‘Told you so’. For astrologers interested in economic and political cycles, the arrival of Pluto (naked power) into the skies of Capricorn (the establishment) in 2008 always held a worrying message about the determination of the plutocracy (dictators, corporate moguls, bankers, gangsters) to intimidate the populous with the simple message, ‘Do what you’re told or else’.

This year sees a concerted challenge to the power of Pluto from the revolutionary planet Prometheus/Uranus, which is in a seven year transit of Aries, which as the first sign of the zodiac is associated with impatient, youthful energy and new beginnings.

The cycle of these two planets has a long history of social unrest and technological innovation – they met in the 1850s ‘Age of Revolution’ for example and during the scientific breakthroughs of Copernicus and Einstein – a link detailed in two illuminating books by the gifted Californian philosopher, Professor Richard Tarnas – Prometheus The Awakener (short and sweet) and Cosmos and Psyche (long and complex).

2012 is the first time Pluto and Uranus have been linked exactly since their conjunction in the mid-1960s, another age of revolution. On the great cosmic clock, we are now at ‘a quarter past 1966’ – it will be ‘half-past’ when the two planets oppose each other in 2046, and ‘o’clock’ when they meet again in 2104.

 The rebellions of 2011 – the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement – would seem to be harbingers of greater disruption to come. Pluto and Uranus square up against each other twice this year – on June 24 and September 19 – but because these distant planet have such lengthy orbits, they will makes the same ‘square’ aspect five times more before their final pass in 2015. Hold onto your seats.

For some, political and economic disruption plus technological breakthrough isn’t enough of a prediction. Only the end of the world will do, or at least the start of the fabled ‘New Age’. I suspect those who have linked either of these two events to the end of the Mayan calendar this year will be disappointed. The Mayans were ingenious people with profound geomantic skills and a calendar built for the long haul, but as we witnessed when our own calendar reached 1000 AD and 2000 AD – both times with much wailing about the end of times – we simply turned a page and began a new one.

Happy New Year to all my readers.


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