Jan 09

Your Stars 2014 now on sale

cover2014Many thanks to all those who have already purchased Your Stars 2014.

Your purchases make it possible for me to supply a free monthly forecast for the other eleven months of the year.

2014 has started with pace and intensity -quite aside from the weather – and the year is barely a week old. The dominant planetary pattern of 2014 – the Grand Cross that’s exact on April 23 -is already in play.

For those who would like to know more about what this means for them, and what the rest of January and beyond holds, Your Stars 2014′ is still on sale.

This year the price remains the same but there are are more words, more charts, and more illustrations.

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A happy and prosperous year to all.



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  1. Neil

    Against my expectations – the coalition came into being on a retrograde Mercury – it looks like they will hold out. However both leaders have Suns close to April’ cardinal Grand Cross in April, while both have a Jupiter return in July, which tends to bring itchy feet.

  2. Coco

    Thanks Neil, a great read, great value! Keep up the fine work :-)

  3. Chris

    Very interesting stars for 2014.extremely thorough as they usually are. I would be interested to know
    Your thoughts on whether the coalition will go the distance.

  4. Tim

    Thanks, Neil (had forgotten that!) – and for the superb (as usual) ’14 forecast.


  5. Neil

    The monthly forecasts will continue, but I don’t include January – I’m too busy writing the yearly forecasts that enable me to write the other eleven months.

  6. Neil

    January is all around us. If you mean where is the january forecast, it’s wrapped inside Your Stars 2014.

  7. S foley

    I hope you are not stopping your monthly posts.

  8. Tim

    Where’s January?

  9. Leonor Veiga

    I have read your stras, good as always! Thank you and happy 2014

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