12 Musician Sun Signs

The Music of The Spheres- Around The Zodiac with the Stars of Popular Music

These profiles were originally written for Rock & Folk, France’s leading music magazine.

Marvin Gaye

Aries: Marvin Gaye

The Lost Prince of Soul Born April 2, 1939, 12 am, Washington DC. Died April 1, 1984 A few weeks before Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father, friends had relieved him of a handgun that he was waving around. The soul superstar was threatening to take his own life, shouting he had had enough …

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Taurus: Bono

The Pope of Pop Birth 10 May 1960 By tradition, rock and roll is for bad boys and girls. The record industry tries its best to sell us bland, pre-packed ‘family’ entertainers, but the stars who change the times and the music, the immortals, are the rebels and misfits: Presley, Halliday, Dylan, Lennon, Richards, Gainsbourg, …

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Bob Dylan

Gemini: Bob Dylan

The voice of his generation birth 24 May, 1941 Bob Dylan has never been short of claims on his behalf.  He’s been hailed as a prophet, poet, genius, mystic and ‘the voice of his generation’.  He’s been ‘the king of folk’ (alongside ‘queen’ Joan Baez, his one-time lover), and made ‘the greatest rock record of …

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Jack White

Cancer: Jack White

The Sensitive Artist birth 9 July 1975 Like their totem creature, the Crab, Cancerians come tough on the outside, soft on the inside. The White Stripes’ main man is a prime example. The world sees Jack as a hard man, a Detroit bruiser who has fought his way to the top with a muscular brand …

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Robert Plant

Leo: Robert Plant

The Rock God birth 20 August 1948 3.05 pm West Bromwich At one point in Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe’s rock movie, the lead singer of the imaginary band Stillwater is standing on a rooftop, arms aloft, head back, ripped on acid. ‘I’m a fucking rock god,’ he proclaims before diving into the swimming pool below. …

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Michael Jackson

Virgo: Michael Jackson

Peter Pan birth 29 August 1958 11.45 pm CDT, Gary Indiana. Died: June 25, 2009 In 1988, Michael Jackson finally left home – the California mansion he shared with other members of the Jackson clan – and moved into his very own honky chateau, a 2,700 acre ranch that he promptly renamed ‘Neverland’. Calling his …

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john  lennon

Libra: John Lennon

The Peace Maker Birth 9 October 1940, 6.30 pm, Liverpool. Died December 8, 1980 When John Lennon implored the world to ‘Give Peace A Chance’, he was giving voice to a central theme of his Sun sign, The Scales. As its symbol suggests, this is the sign of harmony and judgment, of peace and justice …

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Scorpio: Bjork

Dark Passion Birth 21 November 1965 No sign of the zodiac is more misunderstood than Scorpio. Even those who don’t care for astrology know that Scorpio stands for scheming, vengeance, sex, war and death! While the sign can signify all of these, the key to the Scorpio temperament lies in its being a water sign, …

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jimi hendrix

Sagittarius: Jimi Hendrix

Cosmic Voyager Birth 10.15 am 27 November 1942 Seattle Washington. Died September 18, 1970 Throughout his adult life, Jimi Hendrix maintained that he was not from this planet at all. He was ‘a visitor’… from Jupiter, or from an asteroid off the coast of Mars, or the astral planes, which he claimed he had visited …

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michael stipe

Capricorn: Michael Stipe

King of The Mountain Birth 4 Jan 1960 The Mountain Goat is the zodiac’s toughest creature. Intent on reaching the peak of the mountain, it climbs in steady, sure-footed fashion until it has reached its goal. And once a Capricorn has become king of the mountain, it usually sticks around. Elvis Presley, David Bowie and …

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bob marley

Aquarius: Bob Marley

Freedom Fighter Birth 6 February, 1945. Died May 11, 1981 “Freedom and justice must stand for all,” went one of Bob Marley’s favourite aphorisms, and a quarter century after his death, Jamaica’s most famous son is still a byword for social justice and equal rights. Appropriately, Marley was born under Aquarius, the sign of the …

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Kurt Cobain

Pisces: Kurt Cobain

Club of 27 Birth 20 February, 1967, Aberdeen, WA. Died April 5, 1994 Kurt Cobain had just turned 27 when he blew his brains out and, as his mother put it, ‘joined that stupid club’. Kurt’s mother had in mind the suicide club (to which two of Kurt’s uncles already belonged), but she might equally …

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