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Your Stars August 2014


There’s little point being the mighty king or queen of the astrological jungle if lesser mortals don’t acknowledge your royal qualities. Right now is the time to put on a display of regal splendour and generosity. It’s your birthday, natch, but this is the first in a dozen years when you have enjoyed Jupiter’s touch. The giant planet, The Greater Benefic’ to our forerunners, is considered ‘lucky’ but also enjoys a budget-busting blow-out. Live it up but try and live within your means. Well, try. Generosity of spirit is as important to Jupiter – and to Leo – as the sordid matter of money and has the advantage of coming free.

Not all Leos are in a position to throw open their court. The austere energies of Saturn remain in play, not least for birthdays circa August 10, putting home, house, family and clan all under the microscope through to the end of 2014; such issues call for hard-headed planning, not Jupiter’s ‘It’ll be alright on the night’ approach. You want long-term security, not quick fix expediency; a frame that may as easily fit your professional situation. In either case, November is crunch time. As Mercury the messenger, scribe and deal-doer is super active in your skies until the 15th, short and long-term agreements are there to be done. Be swift and be vocal. Push everything along.

Even your love life? Well yes. The Sun, Leo’s singular ruler, and Jupiter both describe empowerment and the power of passion, and while romantic affairs this year may have been unorthodox (or ocean-leaping), in August you can set understandings on your terms. The visit of Venus to Leo’s skies between August 12 and September 5 adds touchy-feely delight to your circumstance, and an excuse to wear your loudest frock or noisiest beach shirt. Amidst all the birthday cake and cheers for the Lion King/Queen comes the full Moon weekend of the 10th, which could get joyously/wildly/unfortunately out of hand.

Dance on, but for soul-searching discussions with your other half, this is a no-no. Beware rows at the party! Happy birthday.


It’s a month of three halves – at least, that’s how it may feel. In the countdown to your birthday season, which opens at dawn on August 23, the most private part of you is the most important. Contemplation, meditation, retreat – if you have a yoga beach holiday in motion, you are on the right track. Alternatively, the congregation of planets in your solar twelfth house may be asking you to submit to a period of intense, solitary work. Then there’s your ongoing role as Mother Superior/Agony Uncle/Dutiful Sibling – whatever the issues, they have to be borne in a degree of solitude. Your Mercury ruler, now moving with speed, passes through this zone until the 15th, thereafter doing a lightning sweep of Virgo’s skies until September 2. Communications have extraordinary importance then; if you’re waiting on news, agreements, deals, this is a time of developments. And when Mercury touches you, your voice gets heard. Even difficult siblings (they look dissatisfied) have to listen (a bit). There is one enormous astrological caveat in play: Neptune. When first Mercury, then the Sun oppose the distant gas giant – from August 18-21 and 25-27 respectively – information gets foggy, inflated. Offers look too good to miss (they’re not) and there may be an element of chicanery at work. Contrary to proverbial wisdom, every gift horse needs a thorough dental inspection.

The up-side of this planetary meld is artistic inspiration for Virgoan creatives, and that any reputation-polishing you wish to conduct finds traction with a deserving (if gullible!) public. Be your own spin-doctor. The third half of August arrives with the Sun’s shift into your skies on the 23rd. Immediately afterwards is a new Moon (2.12 pm GMT August 25) that ushers in Virgo’s season of harvest, goodness, organisation and the scent of fresh polish on school floors. Neptune or not, you have to be busy.

If you have space for a social life, Venus favours the first twelve days. In romance, Neptune is also a player, and who doesn’t want a bit of dreamy escapism? The flip side is, as mentioned before, the necessity for boundaries. You’re a Virgo, you should be good at them. For a hot date Monday 11 and Monday 25 look good.  


Push comes to shove easily enough under a Mars transit, and most Librans will be happy to hear that seven months of the red planet’s disruption are over. The prevailing planetary picture for the next few months is more sanguine, more disposed to collegiate activity, to being a team player and getting things done without conflict. Most things anyway. Mars in the cash zone of your ‘scope is something of a loose cannon, capable of generating the folding stuff but also encouraging its prompt exit – beware impulse purchases. The long term presence of Saturn in the same zone has called for hard-headed economic management over the last 18 months, the fastidious compilation of accounts, spreadsheets and so forth, and regardless of whether you have pots of dosh or are bumping along on empty, scrupulous attention to money matters is prime among August’s orders.

The period around the 25th, when Mars and Saturn meet in the evening sky, is a critical moment. Don’t wing it. Otherwise August’s stars have an engaging social slant. Jupiter’s arrival in Leo sets the tone for the rest of 2014, bringing old and new pals into your orbit, with professional favours and honours more easily won (ie the idiots in charge recognise your talents). The full Moon weekend of the 10th is one for chilling with chums on pleasant lawns (or demented discos). The encounter of your planet, Venus, and Jupiter a week later adds a frisson of romance, if you’re looking. Relationships with a capital ‘R’ remain as they have been in the first half-year – in flux – but, Mars-free, look less combustible.

In place of Mars comes the asteroid Pallas Athene into your realm from the 12th. Your astrologer is no asteroid expert but Pallas named after the Greek warrior goddess, is reckoned a wise and strategic creature (and something of a cross-dresser), and slots neatly into the month’s socially oriented scenario. Though that prevails until September, the new Moon of August 25 asks you to plant a seed in the most secretive part of your chart; something along the mind/body/spirit axis fits the bill nicely.


Whether you are aware of it or not you have been waiting through 2014 for August, a month when you are empowered. Some of that power stems from the presence of your ruling planet, mars, now passing through your skies until mid-September. Mars is of course the Bringer of War, as Gustav Holst put it, but you don’t have to get into any fights. Rather, Mars signals the preparedness and thoroughness of the warrior, and the appetite for experience. Go to your favourite pursuits with passion, taking car not to over do things, especially when on track or field or wielding potentially lethal garden tools. If you fancy a personal makeover (something a touch Goth maybe?) here’s your moment. Since Mars also represents bodily appetite, the red planet is also the ticket for femmes fatales and hommes amoreux.

The 4th and 7th have a touch of enchantment. All of which should come as a relief from the ongoing demands of Saturn, which as last month’s forecast set out in more detail, is still a major presence in your ‘scope. On all matters of officialdom you can (must) move swiftly now to tie up loose ends and force deals through. Gritty resolve is one of Scorpio’s things, especially when Mars is also around. The conjunction of the two planets on August 25 may not prove the month’s most comfortable moment, however; intense, yes, but also challenging, on either personal or professionally and with long term implications.


Busy? You ain’t seen nothing yet! The arrival of your noble ruling planet, Jupiter, in your fellow fire sign of Leo – and thereby your solar ninth house – is a super omen that rolls round only every dozen years. If you aren’t already packing for a trek across Kyrgyzstan or enrolling for a masters degree in art history, or a more modest version thereof, then you should be soon – ideally in August, whose lunation (beginning July 26) concerns your highest ideals and aspirations. The Moon’s passage through the skies of the Centaur on the 5th and 6th are especially helpful, as Luna gathers force for the full Moon of the 10th – another fine moment for Archers. Don’t be passive. While Jupiter provides a helpful, outward-looking current in your ‘scope, you also have to handle the more secretive themes sketched by mars and Saturn in your twelfth house, where an intensely private matter is under incubation. Here there is a definite time scale involved, since Saturn will be arriving in your sign in time for 2015 along with its demands for hard work and big decisions.

Don’t drift along; have a plan. The month is Virgo, beginning August 23, may force your hand a little in an case, as the Sun crests your ‘scope and puts public business and work back in the frame. The new Moon of August 25 puts a following wind/a mighty shove behind November Sags in particular. Romance? Do you have time? Venus smiles on long distance love affairs, and the arrival of the unambiguously named asteroid Cupido opposite you is set to dangle temptation before your nose. Still, the planet in charge of your love life this year remains Prometheus, meaning that for those in the dating game or mixed up in that crazy little thing called love, craziness remains they key note; you likely have to wait until October to find just where you stand. Meanwhile, fly with the wind.


Solo or in company? Although your zodiac symbol often displays the mountain goat aloof and alone on a craggy peak – this symbolising your inexorable ascent to become Queen of the World/King of the Heap – the reality is that in order to become a Big Cheese, you have to deal with an awful lot of people. Seven months of Mars sabre-rattling in your scope’s professional sector may have handed you some pretty rough professional treatment and forced you to act alone on occasions (if you want a job done…). Now the red planet is in your networking zone, you can perhaps cluster round the office water cooler with the crew and do a few high fives. It’s not necessarily simple – few things are as a Capricorn – but with your Saturn ruler already resident here, you’re duty bound to team-build.

Be wary around the barbed world of tweets and Farcebook in the last week of the month. Your degree of solitude also depends on your personal life, of course. This, too, may have been unusually abrupt of late. Jupiter in opposition is a wonderful omen for partnerships that are in tune, but the Big Guy also likes to unshackle busted relationships. Now Jupiter has moved on, in part to stoke the fires of true passion anew and in part to enrich your meagre stash of gold and old masters. August looks like a month when an awful lot of money can change hands; wheel and deal, warily at the full Moon of the 10th. If you have been on the outs with you-know-who, then Venus in opposition offers a chance to compromise. If you’re single, stay on alert, especially on the 8th. The new Moon of August 25 moves practical matters on with vigour; chop chop.


That you’re halfway through your personal year – six months since and before your birthday- means the Sun is at its weakest point in your ‘scope, even as it’s at its strongest in its own of Leo. As a result you aren’t at full muster until later in September, while you also have the annual Aquarian full Moon on August 10. If you’re in party mode and can access your inner Leo (all signs have a yin-yang relationship with their opposite), then this could be some weekend. Alternatively things could become inexplicably emotional – a touch of lunacy in fact. Jupiter in this position ramps up the pressure, not necessarily of a bad sort, with all one-on-ones this month. With Mercury and, from the 12th, Venus in operation alongside the Sun and Jupiter you need to make your intentions and attitudes crystal clear and expect the same in return.

This could be a swell time with your partner but one-sided affairs crash and burn under these stars. Where is the middle point of maximum compromise for both parties? If you’re single, then this parade of planets should provide some interest and, yes, support. It isn’t the moment to be solo. At work it’s a different story. With Mars joining Saturn at the highest, most public zone of your ‘scope cut and thrust looks the order of the day. You may have to fight for your place on the company totem pole, and do so alone. The 25th, when mars and Saturn meet, looks edgy, not least for birthdays circa February 6. If you’re moving home, bite the bullet and grapple with the hydra-headed demon of officialdom. Money? It’s a puzzle alright, though one amenable to correction around the 6th. and again around the 29th; you need to get difficult and/or powerful people on side, somehow!


Back in harness yet? Work and its now expanding possibilities is the astrological news of the moment, thanks to your noble Jupiter ruler ‘s change of sign and rare, auspicious conjunction with the new moon of July 26. It may not yet be the gig you had eyed up, but one way or another you have to get in the flow of honest graft and skills acquisition. Make it a regime. You’ll be swimming in this current through to Christmas so make the most of it. Does money come with it? Very possibly, especially around the full Moon of the 10th. If you have any international connections, plug into them.

Travel is a hot theme; apply care around the 25th. Meanwhile, Venus promises you some sweet summer delights through to the 12th, though you will need to leave the house to find them unless you are planning to throw a soiree. If you are single and recently had a promising encounter, stay on the case with said party Relationships become a more pressing issue as august progresses. Mercury and the Sun moving into opposition on the 16th and 23rd respectively quicken the pace of all one-on-ones and oblige you to meet others at least halfway in any deal or dust-up. You’re somewhat on the back foot. The new Moon of the 25th is a point at which to reset any ‘understandings’ or ‘misunderstandings’ with your other half.


The Human Torch is a Marvel superhero who can turn into a human fireball just by yelling ‘Flame on!’ That’s pretty much how it is it is with you and your horoscope in August. At the heart of things are the mighty Sun and giant Jupiter in fellow fire sign Leo, animating all that is dear to your heart (especially children and their joys) and reinvigorating the Ram’s inexhaustible zest for life. In your own skies remains Prometheus, another uncompromising force, as this year’s events may already have shown you in relation to certain significant others. As the Sun, Mercury and Venus align, you can ignite (hopefully in a non explosive way) simply by uttering your chosen magic words, like ‘Garden party with attractive acquaintances’.

The trick is most likely to work on the full Moon weekend of the 9th/10th. Enjoy. Your ‘scope is not without challenge, however, though of a more oblique sort than you endured earlier in 2014. Your mars ruler is powerful in its own sign of Scorpio, and deep into another passionate area of your ‘scope. At best this transit is about wild sexual liaisons and the uncovering of life’s mysteries – think Scorp! – but money, perhaps oddly, is also part of the story. Saturn has probably not bestowed you with riches over the last 18 months (it may have enabled you to fix up the ranch, however), and the encounter between mars and Saturn around the 25th may make for some uncomfortable truths about your finances; be super orderly about all forms, contracts, mortgages and the like. Work gathers pace later in August with the new Moon in Virgo on the 25th, a point at which to renew your infrastructure and straighten out the slippery world of the internet. Flame on.  


Stuck? Or on the verge of bigger and better things? That’s the thing with Saturn. The taskmaster planet makes work and money problematic – or just plain sweaty – but rewards you when you battle through. As Bulls do in the end of course. August presents you with something of a crunch time, either a reward for your professional efforts over the last couple of years or a Big Fat Decision to do something quite different with your life. Relocate even. Or the renewed attentions of Saturn may offer a further corrective to your course, pointing out the deficiencies of your plans. It’s about having a plan, being super thorough and leaving as little as possible to chance. Also about doing business with the heavies in your chosen profession (don’t expect too much fun there from, business is business). The last week of August is pivotal for such matters as Mars, also in opposition, meets Saturn on the 25th.

Put on your serious hat. If a relationship has reached the end of the line, make the break a clean one. Synchronous with this action in your opposing sign is that at the root of your ‘scope, where Jupiter has arrived for the first time in a dozen years. Under the planet of expansion, a new home, or at least adding another wing to Taurus mansions, may not be such a wrench as you perhaps feared. There’s an ongoing focus on all matters to do with family and domestic set-up however, and of a promising nature, even if it’s ‘just’ shifting the unsatisfactory lodger from his or her bolt-hole. Also in play from the 16th is Mercury a new Moon in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, a happy omen that forces you to go that little bit faster than you may be comfortable with. The new Moon of the 25th relaunches your personal life and creative juices in some style, urgency even. Dust down your wardrobe ready for a highly social month following. Romance? Jolly serious even if Mars has you in the grip of a new beau or belle. You can lighten up in September.


In full dash? Your ‘scope certainly is.. August finds your Mercury ruler at top speed (so it appears to we Earth-dwellers) and not slowing down much for a month or two. Plus, with the rare conjunction of Jupiter and a new Moon in your solar third house, you have the mobility, agility and proclivity to engage in all manner of Geminian pursuits; talking, writing, publishing, learning, travelling, internetting, joke-minting, being the first on the block to the latest art show and showing up everywhere at the canniest moment. Mercury’s passage is fleeting – until the 16th, but Jupiter’s is for twelve months, making the rest of 2014 ideal for putting your schemes in motion. It looks like fun, but it comes with a caveat (inevitably) that is the planetary action in your sixth house, the zone of solid graft and awesome fitness.

Saturn has doubtless not been lax in pointing these necessities over the last 18 months, but with the ringed planet joined by pushy Mars this month, you can expect that more rigours will be required, especially around the 25th. You have to run a tight ship. The new Moon on the same day falls at the very root of your ‘scope, favouring a rejoin of home circumstances, perhaps a major rejig for birthdays circa May 23. Mercury’s touch again calls for alertness in home and career matters. You potentially have something magical going on in your professional standing; the trick may be as simple as given the public, or the people who are mystifyingly in charge, exactly what they want. Romance? All to play for.  


Since you open August with fair Venus bang in the middle of your skies you should be wafting through summer with a song in your heart and a new frock on your back. Another astrological reason to be cheerful; a new Moon with Jupiter in your cash zone, an omen of abundance! Whether you think affirmations work or are just a posh form of pretending, imagining a sluice of money heading in your direction won’t do any harm. The tap looks turned on. Ask nicely. August certainly sees developments on the money front, and with Mercury in full swing at the full Moon of the 10th, deals are there to be done, haggles to be haggled. Remember the object of the exercise is to accrue rather than to spend.

Your appetite for compromise, both here and on more emotional matters, doesn’t look huge. The other major action in your ‘scope involves mars coursing through the deep Scorpionic waters of your fifth house. Mars likes to live with the scent of life strong in the nose, so an, ahem, lusty approach to life is called for; cue Mr or Ms Darcy emerging from the pool in a damp t-shirt. Mars’ entanglement with Saturn in the last week of the month looks tricky nonetheless, not least if you have kids who don’t always oblige your expectations. A clear sense of structure and boundaries helps, and the message that love is unconditional, even in a squall.

Ongoing love affairs may also take a serious turn at this point. . If you want to keep things light, the new Moon of the 25th should help. With Mercury speeding through your third house, nimble minds and fingers are your allies, while with Neptune still in the mix this month, there’s a touch of magic and inspiration in the ether, especially for June birthdays. Be receptive.

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