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Your Stars April 2014

Here we go. The cabin warning light is flashing and all aboard Flight 2014 are asked to fasten their seat belts ahead of expected turbulence. The ‘Grand Cross’ of late April – whereby Pluto, Prometheus, Jupiter and Mars form a perfect square across the solar system (see below) – is rare enough to send even sanguine astrologers jibbering anxiously about What Is Going To Happen.

Since the clashes of Pluto and Prometheus have been ongoing for the last two to three years, the obvious answer is More Of The Same. More angry crowds in city squares facing the bully boys of intransigent regimes, with bloody and unpredictable consequences: see Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine.

With two other planets magnifying the equation, might we be looking at a more global meltdown in April? The Grand Cross, at 13 degrees of the four cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn impacts directly on the (super sinister) horoscope of Vladimir Putin (b. 7.10.52) and on the horoscope of the USA.  There is confrontation in these stars, but also diplomacy. Mars, bringer of war, is mired in Libra, the sign of peace. Whoever starts a fight loses. A grand diplomatic fudge looks the likely outcome. In any case, the ‘meaning’ of outer planet cycles is not always evident to the month – such cosmic events sprawl across years.

The showdown in the skies may be mirrored by other, less obvious events like a technological breakthrough. Or it may coincide with a stock market crash. Ray Merriman, a leading US financial astrologer, points out that the long bull market of 60 months is due a come-uppance. “Could a 40-50% decline happen in the next year? Sure. Uranus is square to Pluto where huge moves are possible in a very brief time.”

On the micro-plane where most of us live, what does the Grand Cross mean? The cardinal signs surely have most at stake – that’s Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – especially since April comes further animated by a total lunar eclipse on April 15.

Coinciding with the GC and the lunar eclipse is Easter, this being determined by lunar action; the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox is ‘the Paschal Moon’; by tradition the time of resurrection and new life.

Echoing the possible pain of those themes, T.S. Eliot suggested that ’April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead ground’. An earlier poet, John Clare, considered April ‘The fairest child of spring/ And every hour that comes with thee/ Comes some new joy to bring.’

Let’s hold on to those sentiments.

Transits April 23 2014

Transits April 23 2014


Fully wired? Your horoscope certainly is. The Aries New Moon of March 30 came with Prometheus attached, and said planet features strongly in this month’s stars. Promethean energies are sudden and game-changing, making this a time of clean breaks and new starts, especially if your birthday is end of March/start of April.

With some planets in less than obliging mood – notably your major signifier, Mars, best expect a mix of provocation and buffeting to go with the sense of opportunity that April holds.

The Mars scenario deserves especial attention. The Red planet is marching backwards in your opposite sign of Libra, all the way through April and most of May. Cue old feuds being dragged up, and certain pivotal individuals staying in awkward mode. You are being asked to walk a delicate line with one-on-one relationships; staying on terms while not getting embroiled in open enmities. The planetary timetable suggests you play for time and opt for diplomacy and deferment.

At the same time, a month with a supercharged lunation and a super swift visit by Mercury (8-22 April) spells fresh initiatives and a pro-active agenda. Any project that relies on your energies alone is good to pursue. Likewise any personal rebranding; style make-over, fresh web site, a new font for your personal and noble Aries crest. Be a leader.

Partnerships are more problematic. with the full Moon of April 15 is a total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Libra, suggesting one particular partnership could be heading for the exit, especially if your birthday falls then. The 14/15th are not, therefore the ideal time for a confrontation with whoever is looming large; unless you want to burn your bridges of course. Old flames, furious ex’s, open enemies are also in the frame at the eclipse; a good time to quietly lose anyone problematic.

Your domestic scenario – somewhat compromised this last winter – is, perhaps, more easily resolved now that Jupiter is moving forwards, opening the way to new solutions with flatmates and lodgers, and to a vigorous new broom being taken to the spring clean of Ram Palace. Happy birthday.


It’s a three week countdown to your birthday month (the 20th), whereupon you can consider yourself empowered. The arrival of messenger Mercury in your skies on the 23rd, and the Taurus new Moon of the 29th – also a solar eclipse – re-enforces the message that you’ll be into a month of change and drama from late April.

On that basis, keeping some of your powder dry and scheming away in private – seclusion, even – makes good sense. Early April is for the activation of the mind-body-spirit axis and patiently ticking off items on your long-term must-do list, especially tasks pushed aside in early 2014. Plan to enter your birthday month in a state of calm and radiant repose, not in catch-up mode. And while some of you will have planets in your adjacent sign of Aries, give thanks that the winds blowing at other members of the zodiac are not directed at yo

Does that mean all work-and-no-play? Nope. Au contraire, the passage of your godmother Venus through Pisces from the 6th favours fraternisation (or its sisterly equivalent) and collective projects, those in which you are a team player (or captain even). Any uncertainty about where you fit in to such schemes (a feature of March) now evaporates. An idealistic, creative approach finds favour, at least with your planets.

Other upsides to being about and among kindred spirits is the chance of romantic encounters – Venus is your queen after all – and hustling extra ackers for the Taurean vaults.

The maverick planet in your ‘scope is Jupiter, the lord of travel, education and the printing press; bite the hand off any offers that come with such Jupiterian flavours.


Some accuse Geminis of getting over excited – ‘mere frantic fellows’ in the estimation of C18 astrologer William Lilly – but irrepressible bursts of enthusiasm are part of The Twins’ mission statement. To borrow an old beer advert; Gemini refreshes the parts other signs can’t reach.’

One axis of April’s Grand Cross falls across your social axis, whose poles run from ardent lover to folks-you-know-from-work and all points between. With so much going on in your eleventh solar house – the zone of convivial gatherings round the water cooler and important committees – your animation and fresh thinking are major assets. Don’t fear bold strategies, especially those with a humanitarian drive (an under-appreciated facet of your sign).

Mars in fall and retrograde at the other end of the axis describes a friendship or romance being re-evaluated. The message remains precisely as it was last month: ‘Mars’ lengthy retrograde in your solar fifth house asks for some fine-tuning where love affairs, crushes, and even old flames are concerned. Here you can give yourself time to ascertain just where an affair (perhaps recent) is going. Avoid obsessing – there is really no rush, and April will present things in starker terms.’

There’s too much going on elsewhere for lengthy soul-searching; circulate and showboat, Venus is all in favour. Helpful female professionals are a feature at work. Then there’s money. With the other axis of the Grand Cross operative in your cash and assets zones, you may be playing for high stakes. Deft, touchy-feely management is called for- and avoid anything shonky.


That your sign is slam-dunk in the middle of a Grand Cross is no description of a picnic, the good news being that with an exalted Jupiter moving forwards in your skies, everything is possible. OK, not everything (Jupiter leans to excess), but your position is likely stronger than you think.

Certainly the action in Aries, the zone where you make your mark on the world, is fizzing with possibility. A bold presentation of your c.v. and a willingness to go with new ideas (and new tech) are a big part of April’s lunation. Just now, your profession is no comfort zone – be forceful.

What your lunar ruler is doing is always important to the Crab, and the total eclipse of the Moon on April 15th represents a vanishing act of some description – a project or person melts away. With Mars slinking backwards in your domestic zone, major calls on your home or property are best postponed until later in April. May’s stars look a better bet for property and finance, but meanwhile don’t be idle. The months until your birthday are auspicious.

The final spoke in the wheel of the Grand Cross is Pluto in Capricorn, your partnership zone. January and February were intense and perhaps toxic times for your personal life, but April shines a clear light on where you’re at with you-know-who, and, for those looking, who-you-don’t know. In your search, Venus in excelsis in your fellow water sign of Pisces from the 6th promises to take you well off the beaten track.


As queens and kings of the astrological jungle, Leos often assume right of way. You don’t mean to be rude, but hey, here you are! In April you get plenty of space to radiate your leonine glory. One spoke of the Grand Cross lies in your fellow fire sign of Aries, the zone where you explore (not least physically), gather inspiration and surprise yourself with what you can learn and achieve. With your Sun ruler mixed up with Prometheus, a radical career move could be on the cards.

There’s a playful element to this month’s activities; make the most if them as May brings a greater concentration on duty and box-ticking. A cautionary note comes from another spoke in the Grand Cross, Mars, and with the red planet accompanied by a lunar eclipse on the 15th, pay attention to what you say and how you promote yourself among your peers. Words may turn out to be dangerous weapons, not least with any siblings.

The other axis of the Grand Cross concerns any hush hush project you’re nurturing (your birthday makes sense for a grand unveiling), and the maintenance of your infrastructure and routines. Put a plan for a sustainable future in place.

Romance? March has surely been kinder here than the early part of the year. Recent flirtations can now be put to the test, and if you are already hooked-up, the prospects of something deeper and more wonderful are there to be explored. Do keep an eye on the bills, though.


Virgos like to achieve and also to help, sometimes to the point where the desires of their pure (we hope) Virgoan heart are neglected. With the transformative energies of Pluto central in your ‘scope this month, what speaks to your heart of hearts is likely the biggest issue. It may not be a romance, it may be a creative passion, obsession even, an itch that you just have to scratch.

Public projects look the easier to handle, not least because opposite Pluto is Jupiter, a beneficent force that helps carry your work and profile forwards over the next few months. Little-old-you can make quite a splash this spring. If your heart strings are of the romantic variety, there may have to be a trade-off with your career, or even financially (more of which below).

One-on-one relationships have run you something of a merry dance this year. An exalted Venus in your relationship zone from the 6th is a happy augur for making haste, making peace and making whoopee with other halfs or new recruits. Previous month’s forecasts have mentioned the necessity of the clear demarcation of boundaries with significant others; as much still applies.

The other axis of the Grand Cross concerns your financial axis. Ingenious ways to make more money are in the air, but with a total lunar eclipse in your cash zone on the 15th, best wait a while and assess their practicality. Chase old debts and repay your own. Just before that lunar eclipse is an almost full Moon in Virgo’s skies over the weekend of the 11th/12th, when some special event is in order.


Astrology assigns to Libra the game of chess, where strategy is all. Given the complex planetary picture in which you now operate, a Byzantine chess game of bluff and counter bluff, threat, retreat, and the swapping of pawns fits the bill nicely.

The Libran spoke of the Grand Cross is represented by Mars, the red planet being in a super rare six month stay in your skies. To remind you of what that may entail comes a piece of last month’s forecast: ‘From March 1 to late May, a period when you are obliged to be at your most scrupulous in dealing with significant others. Best not be starting any feuds, which promise to linger on until midsummer.’

Under a retrograde Mars, people come after you with grievances and provocation, yet at this point you are duty bound to hold your counsel while keeping rivals and enemies at arm’s length. (Note to Vlad: massing your tanks on the border may make you feel better but you invade at your long-term peril.) Besides, you’re halfway through your year, with Aries planets therefore in opposition and with a mother of a total lunar eclipse in your skies on the 15th.

In slightly different circumstances, being surrounded by such a fierce planetary combination might go with the term ‘disempowered’, a notion to be resisted. The axis of Jupiter and Pluto represents profound change, but of a liberating kind, both in your profession and your domestic set-up. The same applies to the all-important Libran business of relating. Even if you’re committed heart and soul to a partner a shake-up in the balance of power may be in order. So may be a compulsion to ditch a half dead spouse for an electrifying rock god/goddess or some similar electrifying presence. After all you only get a Prometheus transit like this once! Birthdays circa 6/7 October are most affected.

The total lunar eclipse adds to the sense of a cycle being completed, not least for those with birthdays on or close to 18 October. It’s a wait and see few days for all Librans – resist any pressure to commit. If you’re looking for a grand weekend out, the 4th and 5th have a promising Venusian glow.


It should come as a relief that Scorpio, the sign that has been under the heavy thumb of Saturn this last 16 months, is largely out of range of April’s Grand Cross. Of course, the latter has several messages for you – like work hard and prosper and that an air ticket to somewhere completely different would be most welcome, but you already knew those things.

As Saturn has released its grasp somewhat (it’s now in reverse motion) it’s old business that should be on your mind, mopping up deferred tasks, honing the health regime, and embracing the joys of springtime. With Venus exalted in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with pleasure and brazen flirtation, April looks a good month for romantics. Here the problem is likely to be one of uncertainty, where nailing down someone’s feelings (perhaps even your own) encounters a free-floating spirit. Until the lunar eclipse is out the way on the 15th, best accept that the situation is fluid. Get out the house and explore Venusian pursuits (art, drama, parties).

While Venus is with you until May, and Saturn doesn’t reassert its demands until July, the month of Taurus, arriving from the 20tth, looks a more taxing prospect, this being your opposing sign. The solar eclipse at the new moon of the 29th may have something more to say about partnerships, at least if you are a late October birthday.

As a water sign, Scorpio sometimes resembles the bottom of the ocean, where it’s ink black and even the fish have lights on their heads. Given that lunar eclipse in your mysterious twelfth house, and the ongoing secrecy surrounding your ruler, Mars, in the same spot, some deep and possibly dark secret is being probed – perhaps from your past, perhaps a spiritual pursuit, perhaps an onerous family duty. Swim deep and fearlessly.


Whether you are of a laid-back or jocular turn, the Centaur is usually an easy-going creature. Probably not just now, however. The Grand Cross sprawled across your chart is insistent about several matters; most of all the Aries new Moon of March 30 asks questions about your heartstrings, and whether you are fully committed to a steady-as-it-goes relationship. There’s a hunger at work just now that can only be satisfied by exciting people and an almost gung-ho spirit towards romance.

Explore accordingly, while also servicing your more stable social circle with some circumspection. Friends may now seem needy and imposing (ditto work colleagues), but don’t burn any bridges unnecessarily. The full Moon of the 15th, also a lunar eclipse, may have something to say about this side of your life. Be patient with chums. Expect your kids, should you have any, to require both more freedom and a lot of keep-up on your part. It’s springtime.

Your feelings about others may be tangled up with your property and domestic arrangements, but try to see each issue separately. Your home zone has been a matter of some confusion in recent weeks, but expect a little more fluidity before things are resolved – the weekend of the 18/19th looks good for an air-clearing examination of any problems with co-habitees.

Your ruler, Jupiter, remains locked into the zone governing your assets. High stakes financial power plays are one possible interpretation of the grand cross, but need an acute judgment; gambling is for casino owners and bookies. Jupiter does, however, favour a thorough examination of your finances and a strategy to increase them.

The mood music changes in late April; since work is then the prescription, enjoy playtime while you can.


As a cardinal (dynamic) sign, Capricorn is at one spoke of the month’s Grand Cross, and you are likely pressured, especially but not exclusively if you have a birthday circa January 3. Whether the issue is a partnership, domestic arrangements or your career, there’s a tenuous even chaotic quality to what’s going on just now

Your career has the clearest arc. With Mars rewinding in the zone of your profession, recalibrating your work-life balance is in order, along with dealing with colleagues who are less than helpful or downright hostile. Here you merely have to stall and refuse to join hostilities; much will be clearer after the lunar eclipse of the 15th.

The same may be true of any upheaval on the domestic front. Let things unfold at their own speed; control is central to the Goat’s modus operandus, but at present you can only exert a certain amount of it over people who have their own agenda.

Perhaps trickiest to handle are relations with significant others, including business partners, ex’s, beaus, belles and your personal coach. Here, too, compromise is all. You may have to grant your other half more space (perhaps way more space) or renegotiate a deal binding you to someone else. High handed tactics are not recommended. Capricorns are often people of power, acumen and dependability; wear your singular leadership qualities proudly without getting into a turf war.

For singletons, prospects are good, given Venus’ obliging position and the imminent month of Taurus, a fellow earth sign. Whether cavorting romantically or just circulating, spontaneity is all, especially on the weekends of the 5th/6th and 19th/20th.


The oddball planet of Prometheus is reckoned by many modern astrologers as the totem planet of the Urn Bearer, and since said body is super active in April’s Grand Cross, you look plugged in to the excitement. Prometheus is a planet of surprises and technology, and in the communications zone of your ‘scope suggests a major initiative into tech’s new frontiers is in order. A computer refit or a new website or Twitter account call (funds permitting, more of which below).

One problem, as many users of social media have found, is that you have to be careful what you say. With a troubled Mars at the other end of the axis, not forgetting a total lunar eclipse, be wary about what you broadcast; you don’t need a Tweet hatewave in your life. All international relations are important now, but necessarily easy. Skip that full Moon eclipse for buying any new kit in any case. Bypassing the media and being social via physical presence likewise finds favour, but likewise involves being economical, or at least not impetuous, with your words. Got siblings? Take care with old rivalries.

The other opposition of the grand Cross activates your mind-body-spirit axis, to remind you what you already know; that clean living and a spiritual life are rewarding. Work has likely been a burden in recent months – you can thank your other ruling planet, Saturn, for stretching you to the limit – but with Saturn (necessity) now giving way to Jupiter (possibility), you are promised a more accommodating few months ahead.

Romance? A month of Venus in your skies has surely given you a few leads you can pursue; the planet of romance is with you until the 6th, after which she enters your cash zone. Since Venus can be a money planet (how else to pay for life’s little luxuries?), her presence can only help resolve the somewhat misleading financial conditions in which you have recently been obliged to operate.


With your April ‘scope dominated by Venus and Jupiter – ‘the lesser and greater benefics’ according to the old rulebooks, you should find reason to smile in April.

Both planets are where they like to be – your ruler Jupiter exalted in Cancer, Venus exalted in your own Piscean skies – making this a canny month for pushing your luck, promoting your personal brand and getting right out the house to the nearest available party. Or throw your own – the 18/19th, when Venus and Jupiter align, looks a hot weekend on the social front. Since Jupiter is in your romance house, a mundane relationship can now be re-animated. Put in the effort, and at least you will know whether it’s worthwhile continuing on a longer basis. In such scenarios, the lunar eclipse of the 15th looks a telling moment.

With Pluto at the other end of the Jupiter axis, you also have the chance to impress the heavyweights in your line of work or social circle. You merely have to be at your dazzling best. If you’re in a creative profession – however you wish to interpret that phrase – then go ahead and create, perhaps for its own sake.

The other axis of the month’s grand cross concerns your cash and resource zones. While Prometheus in Aries spells something of a revolution in how you get funds, keep a radical mindset. Be ingenious. Things are complicated by Mars’ dalliance in your solar eighth house; the place where joint financial agreements, bequests, mortgages, loans and the like play their part. If arguments arise over who owns what and owes how much, keep things at arm’s length; this scenario has a month or two to run, and much will become clearer after the eclipsed full Moon of the 15th.

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