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Your Stars November 2014


This year’s Scorpio season – and it began ultra promptly on October 23 with a partial solar eclipse – offers way more than ‘just another birthday’. In many respects this is a defining moment in Scorpio lives, a moment when you take a deep breath, make a Big Decision, wave goodbye to a former life (and maybe, even if temporarily, a loved one), or harness your professional horses to gallop to a hard-won triumph.

They key phrase in that pre-amble is ‘hard-won’, as Saturn ‘s two year transit of The Scorpion’s skies has left few members of your sign unchallenged (even unscarred). Saturn seeks out taken-for-granted comforts and replaces them with trials. Push comes to shove. Often there’s a karmic quality to events, with decisions from 15 years and 29 years back coming back to haunt and/or reward you. What goes around comes around.

All such Saturnian themes loom super large in November, as the ringed planet heads towards the exit door at Christmas, though for some you, notably 20-22 November birthdays, there will be what Jimi Hendrix called ‘a slight return’ in mid-2015. You certainly have to think long-term now, but attention to the here-and-now supersedes everything in November. You need precise information, exactitude, steely resolve.

Happily, all such qualities are available. Mercury’s return to your skies after its ever-annoying retrograde in October comes at the 9th, just after the giddy full Moon of the 6th and 7th, when rushes of blood to head make major decisions inadvisable. Mercury brings clarity to the rest of November – as does the conjunction of Sun and Saturn on the 18th, when you will need to be at your most cold-blooded, not least if that’s your birthday. Professionally, you need to deliver the goods demanded by the chilly powers-that-be, collect that overdue promotion and put money in the bank. If you can’t bear a moment more under the regime you slave under, this is when you leave with a flourish (Scorpios like a touch of drama).

Helping you move right along, and not just workwise, are relationship planets Venus and Mars. The former, with you until the 17th, lends you allure and lightens up Scorpio’s all-or-nothing tendencies (strong at the full Moon of the 6/7th). Mars, your governor, pulls acquaintances as intense as you into your orbit. If you are in the business of swinging the wrecking ball, ensure it doesn’t swing back at you. Happy birthday.


Ready to slow down a little? Thought not. The super-charged transit of your totem planet, Jupiter, over the last three months has beckoned many Centaurs to pastures new, to acts of derring-do, and to stretch themselves to breaking point. It’s been a thrilling ride.

Your personal party isn’t yet over – heck, you have an actual birthday party mere weeks away – but a little caution is advised if you are not to burn out. The first few weeks of November emphasise the mind-body-spirit axis of your ‘scope and the need for early nights and sober reflection. You need to store up energy for both the delights of your birthday month, which are legion, and the much more demanding phase that arrives all too promptly once the yuletide holidays are over. Get some rest.

This may be easier said than done since boundary-busting Jupiter doesn’t draw to a halt until early December (making November opportune for birthdays 12-15 December in particular). Still, other planets request attention to finances and your domestic set-up – the two are inevitably entwined – and the need to be super-clear about investments, especially those involving anything that smells of Corporate Bully. As a Centaur you likely have your own principled value system in any case.

Expect events – and your own outlook – to develop swiftly from the new Moon of 22 November, a real humdinger given that it arrives at the very beginning of the Archer’s stretch of the cosmos (at 0.07 degrees fact fans) and a veritable dynamo if that’s your birthday. Whether your focus is business, adventure or more intimate affairs, your birthday season is the time to put plans in motion and tidy up all loose ends from recent months.

Helping with the pleasure principle is Venus in your skies from 17 November until 10 December, helping your voice get heard and your arrangements to stick comes Mercury from 28 November-17 December. Most importantly comes the mighty Sun to help you throw your weight around (in the nicest way possible). If matters of the heart are involved you may have to wait until early December’s full Moon for things to become clear with affairs that have been in unsatisfactory flux or limbo this last few months, though 26 November is also a favoured moment to grill recalcitrant lovers. If you’re in the dating game, Venus makes any day after the 16th good for a whirl; dress to kill, metaphorically speaking of course.


Public and private selves tend to be further apart for the Mountain Goat than for other signs. Respect and eminence are all important, while what happens at home or in the boudoir are a secret almost as guarded as the well-stocked Capricorn bank account.

In November, however, both sides of life get equal prominence. The big player in the Goat’s astrological life is Mars, which traverses your skies for the first time in two years to bring certainty to your decision—making and passion to your intimate life. As related last month, Mars’ high octane energies are reckoned ‘exalted’ in your sign, partly because the red planet’s more reckless qualities (act first, think later) are more constrained by the Goat’s earthy practicality.

In career terms that makes for a simple equation. You are likely playing catch-up from October’s go-slow, but with Mercury now moving forwards, delays and other people’s volte-faces can be amended, swept aside even. You may even be able to return to the turbulence and contre-temps of March and April to set things straight. Helping your public affairs right along are Sun and ruler Saturn, whereby you can call in favours from your most trusted lieutenants and favoured colleagues. Fellow travellers have a big part to play in your success just now, though don’t neglect the advantages that arise from the eminence and leadership for which you have fought o hard over the years, or the sheer chutzpah that you have been known to bring to professional enterprise. Be a leader.

Personal issues are trickier. If you are single and looking around, your hunger needs targets, and these may prove elusive in the second half of the month, when Venus slips from sight. The opening two weeks look a better bet, not least the full Moon of 6/7 November, a likewise pleasantly giddy spell for those of you looking to revive a tired relationship. Libidos incline to the extravagant under Mars transits, a notion re-enforced by the position of Jupiter in the zone of passions and secrets (and secret passions). If liaisons dangereuses are your thing, you have all the wildness and secrecy you could ask for after the somewhat spooky (for you) new Moon of the 22nd.


October’s stars were promising, auspicious even, but with eclipses and a wayward Mercury involved, there was likely one step backwards for every pace forwards. There is no such uncertainty about November, when what you see is pretty much what you get.

You are playing catch-up for the opening week of the month, as Mercury retraces its steps, and you can nail down professional offers that seemed to have slipped through your fingers. Career remains the focus of your stars, as the Sun, Venus, a Full Moon and Mercury all travel across the roof your ‘scope, making contact with the stern energies of Saturn, the planet that rewards unstinting effort and ambition. You are in the process of firming up the efforts you have put into your job (or possibly your property) over the last eighteen months, and collecting what is due. Providing you can satisfy the powers-that-be – some box-ticking is likely involved, perhaps even hardcore workplace politics – you are on course for pay-off. November is not a time to ease your efforts.

The new Moon of the 22nd should provide a taste of more equable times ahead, when you can call in favours from trusted colleagues and fellow travellers. Aquarians don’t mind marching out of step, but they remain socially-minded creatures who find a community of interests appealing. This scenario is very much the shape of 2015, and one that can profitably explored in the run-up to Christmas. Build your team.

Relationships? Jupiter in opposition has plenty to say about those, the problem being the giant planet can indicate both flamboyant newcomers and the sundering of a long-standing (say six or twelve year) association. The issue with Jupiter is invariably freedom, and only an association that grants it is likely to satisfy you just now. A dose of realism about what you can expect and what you have to contribute should help to find the correct balance, an equation that applies not only to feelings but to joint finances (money does, unfortunately, tend to colour partnerships).

And talking of money, Neptune, the planet lodged in your cash zone, returns to forward motion at mid-month, asking you to peek into your accounts to ensure that all is as it should be and that sums are not mysteriously vanishing from; no cause for alarm but birthdays circa 24 January might like to be extra inquisitive about the ‘paid out’ column.

There are other mysteries going on in your ‘scope. Mars’ transit of your secretive twelfth solar house suggests you’ll be scurrying away at a long held hush-hush project, and/or attending to charitable and unavoidable duties during November. Once the red planet reaches the urn bearer’s skies in mid December, however, the opposite will apply – it will be about you you you. Some devoted downtime this month should help recharge your batteries in readiness.


Rather too much is made of Pisces’ dreamy, escapist tendencies, and not enough of your noble sign’s ability to adapt, think on the spot and be in the right place at the right time. Just now your horoscope looks in canny shape. Four planets in your kindred water sign of Scorpio during November should certainly ease your passage, not least with travel, internet frenzy, lecturing, studying and learning. Long distance love affairs are in the frame for some.

If you have been labouring long over a professional or property issue, then you should get some action, or at least a clear time frame, mid-month, when the Sun meets Saturn. If a deal seems stuck in the sand (not unlikely given October Mercury backslide), then a patient but persistent heave should set things moving again. Very little, except possibly ready funds, is mired just now, as planets are almost all driving forwards.

That includes, from the 16th, the enigmatic bundle of energies represented by Neptune, a planet in long term (until 2025!) residence in your skies. The remote planet’s turn around affects chiefly birthdays circa 23-25 February, for whom the fogs of the last six months are about to lift. Professional concerns are more likely involved than personal matters, though in terms of self-projection and burnishing your reputation, the next few months look gilded.

Although Neptune is often posited as the ruler of Pisces, your astrologer reckons you are better served by your traditional governor, Jupiter, which remains settled in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with wholesome lifestyle, hard work and health. Here, careful incremental change is the key to advance, especially for birthdays circa 13 March.

Romance? Where you find it for now, including your workplace, though you have a following (lunar) breeze on the 2nd, 11th and the 29/30th, something of an enchanted weekend.

The big, sometimes bad world of career and life path is more prominently configured. The new Moon of the 22nd is something of a pivotal moment, arriving as it does at the very apex of your solar ‘scope, the point of maximum visibility and ambition. Try to plant a few long-term professional seeds in the last week of the month, as Saturn will be prominent at this point from the New Year onwards. The more R&D (research and development) you do now, the easier 2015 becomes.


Camera, sound, action! If your life was a movie – which it most certainly ain’t – then November would be a key scene, in which the plot moves right along. Romance, success, sex (hopefully), conflict (hopefully not) – your ‘scope looks in rip-roaring form.

One of the key players is, of course, your undisputed ruling planet, and with the red planet high in your skies and conjunct the powerful (sometimes sinister) energy of Pluto, the potential for professional conflict is there, especially around 10/11 November. The astrological Ram is not averse to a scrap, but avoid any descent of the red mist when handling difficult customers at work, and adopt your most principled position if confronted by corporate power (with whom compromise is always difficult). This is not a permanent phase, but a passing challenge, and your dealings with the powers that be should look far less formidable in a few weeks’ time.

Another heavyweight planet on your case is Saturn, whose concerns are finances and property, especially those that you share with others (spouses, banks, insurers and the like). Here, the full Moon of the 6th and the ensuing fortnight bring long-running concerns to the fore, ready for resolution. Do throw your acumen into putting all such matters onto an even and just keel, since postponement is just storing up future problems, and November is an apposite moment to address them.

The same cluster of planets governing shared finances also concern deeply private passions (we are talking the mysterious eighth house of your ‘scope), and with a full Moon and Venus prominent there in the first half of the month, the more problematic moments of October can, perhaps, be resolved in the bedroom. Alignments to Mars and Jupiter certainly won’t do your libido or animal magnetism any harm.

Jupiter, now moving to standstill in December, continues to be guardian angel in your horoscope, a promise that romantic dreams are realisable – romance as in poetry and stirring ideals as well as current crushes. Similar passions can be ignited by the potent new Moon of the 22nd, which arrives in the zone of your ‘scope concerning far-away places, philosophical and educational aspirations, and righteous political (small or large ‘p’) campaigning. As this is a dress rehearsal for early 2015, turn your thoughts in such directions, especially of you were born near the spring equinox.


You may already have feelings about November- every November – when the sun in opposition marks the halfway point of your personal year (six months since and before your birthday). This year November comes extra-loaded with significance. In many respects this is the culmination of the last two years, whether they have marked mammoth work and achievement, a painful separation, a painful lack of resources or a property deal, all such weighty issues coming with Saturn’s prolonged opposition.

The good news is that this is the last time in fourteen years that you will be dealing with Saturn on such a challenging level (though your age makes a difference there). In a matter of weeks the taskmaster planet will be out of your way. Here and now, however, you need to bring your most problematic issues to a satisfactory conclusion – complete the flat move, sign off the divorce papers, arrange the wedding, settle into the new job or project. Everything is achievable, and with mercury now co-operating after go-slow October, you can forge ahead, pausing only to let the Taurus full Moon of the6/7 November sail past without getting into a flap (which is what full Moons do). These are, however, fine dates for a turn in whatever spotlight you can find.

One-on-one relationships of every stripe remain centre stage. Your ruling planet, Venus, in opposition until the 17th can do you favours in terms of introductions to simpatico folks, and help bury the hatchet with those with whom you are on the outs, but there is not much ‘light touch’ about your associations just now. More likely are demands on both sides for a solid bond, clear boundaries, a lasting truce, an emphatic separation – themes restated by the new moon of the 22nd, which arrives at an especially sensitive point in your ‘scope (the cusp of your solar eighth house, to get technical).

With Jupiter in your domestic zone mixed up ion the action, living arrangements are likely to figure in the equation; if you want to relocate it’s a good moment, but a less dramatic adjustment to how and where you live may do the trick in your search for more space (Jupiter likes plenty of breathing room).

Away from relationships Mars gives you the rub of the green with international contacts and affairs, while Neptune may bring back an inspirational albeit flaky colleague to assist you – a case of now you don’t see them, now you do.


The first half of November is not quite business as usual but it is definitely business. Work, routine, infrastructure, property and money are all prominent in the frame, the good news being that you are (perhaps at last!) able to knock such matters into satisfactory shape.

Four planets, including your Mercury ruler, plus a full Moon all ask (perhaps none too politely) that you address work issues that have irked you this last 18 months or so. Saturn is now approaching the end of this particular cycle, and you should be able to collect plaudits for your efforts, even as you confront ongoing problems. Be cautious about what you promise, especially around 17 November (a Sun-Saturn conjunction if you’re interested) as you’ll be held to your word long term. Better to leave things in the state of ambiguity so favoured by Twins, but don’t duck the challenges.

Associated but distinct are issues about money, less your cash inflow-outflow than matters pertaining to property ownership, and resources you share, perhaps unwillingly, with spouses, ex’s, family and others. With Mars now super-purposeful in the zone of your ‘scope that pertains to such matters, you can push deals along swiftly, reconfigure debts (including mortgages) and even tussle with uncaring corporate forces- attempts by them or any individual to bully you must be firmly but politely resisted. By the close of November you should be in far clearer waters.

Private, intimate passions also fall partly under Mars’ aegis, a theme emphasised by the potent new moon of 22 November, which re-animates your one-on-one associations; lovers, spouses, ex’s and open foes. A new Moon in this zone of your ‘scope arrives every year of course, but 2014’s comes laden with the promise of exciting developments, both beginnings and endings (can’t have one without the other after all). Watch developments that weekend with interest, as they may resonate over the next two months in particular.

Venus in opposition from the 17th serves to revive existing friendships and romances, introduce new ones and help mend fences with significant others. You won’t have it all your own way, not with the Sun in opposition, bur everything is to play for.

Career? That new moon also highlights opportunities you may have thought faded and gone since your birthday. The major drawback to November is that with the mighty Sun marking the halfway point of your year, your energy levels need to be carefully nurtured. Healthy living beckons.


In love or at war? Your current horoscope offers both scenarios in equal measure…and, of course, a confusing mixture of the two. Staying on the positive side, the current lunation in your fifth house, one that started with the new Moon of 23 October, reaches full Moon on 6/7 November and ends with the new Moon of 22 November, is about matters that touch closest to your heart.

Romantic fandangos come into this category, and here’s a good month for starting any such dance (Venus is involved) or to conclude a burnt-out affair (so is Saturn). With the latter planet concluding its two year transit of this zone of your ‘scope, there’s a weightiness to your decisions, not just concerning romance but about creative passions (start or conclude your masterpiece) and, should you have ‘em, your children and their course through life (what’s best for them?). In all cases you are being asked to give your passions your best shot, unreservedly and without anxiety about how decisions might look to the outside world. Stay true to yourself. Oh, and attend every Scorpio birthday party you can.

The new Moon of the 22nd introduces, somewhat abruptly, a new theme concerning work and lifestyle, whereby you can explore a new way of Getting The Job Done. Any offers of gainful employment are to be taken seriously, not least because Saturn will arrive at this point in the zodiac in a matter of weeks.

As for war – Mars in opposition is not always a cue for conflict, but the red planet does sharpen up issues with significant others (enemies, ex’s, beloved spouses, business partners), especially around the 10th, when the planet passes Pluto. Though you can’t but take spats personally in November, you can allay any storms by meeting others halfway and, of course, by retreating behind the Crab’s shell while they blow over. Outright war? Inadvisable. Resist anything that looks like a take-over by a powerful (possibly unscrupulous) individual. Dashing martial types – gaudy, impatient and self-confident – are otherwise worth your attention.

Such people may also impinge on your financial situation. Jupiter, the planet of plenty, remains a beam of optimism in your cash zone, the problem being said planet is as keen on spending as on accruing. Nonetheless, alignments in the final week of the month give cause for hope; the strategy of visualising a large tranche of cash pouring your way is worth a try. As one new age wag, Stuart Wilde, put it, the trick to money is having some. Thanks for that, Stuart.


It’s a good season for Lions. For proof, take a look at the recent Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, where Michael Nicholl’s stunning picture of a pride of Serengeti Lions bagged righteous first prize. You can find it here:

It’s a portrait of leonine grace and power, even in repose, and accords with Jupiter’s transit of the astrological Lion’s skies. Under Jupiter you are a winner! Human Leos, of course, can afford no such laid-back majesty. You absolutely have to be up and it, hungry for success, scaring anyone who dares stand in your way. Jupiter slows down in November, ready to switch to backwards motion next moth, but it remains a powerful player in your ‘scope, especially if your birthday is circa 13-15 August.

Jupiter represents possibility and new horizons (and sporting triumph among other things), and new horizons remain your keynote for now. Saturn represents necessity, and is also an powerful agent in your affairs, especially with regard to property and family, where duty may call around the full Moon of 6 November, a time when long-running issues with your career and even relationships go from simmer to boiling point, onerous situations and people become insupportable and need to be jettisoned.

Thanks to a potent Mars, you won’t be able to get away with being on cruise control at work in any case; application is called for. Drat!

A very different agenda is spelt out by the new Moon of the 22nd. Arriving in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, exact on the cusp of your fifth solar house, this is another game change, another opener of the ways, with special reference to offspring, creativity, love affairs and other things that stir your heart strings.

You are entitled to expect new and positive developments in such matters, and with Venus also present there, the chance to rave happily at parties and social whirls. Try Friday the 14th, when the Moon, high in the night sky, conjoins Jupiter. Things fall your way under the giant planet’s transits but best not adopt too much of a regal pose; active pursuit is part of the leonine mission. Go get, killer.


Behind schedule? In the opening week of November you are still playing catch-up from the go-slows arising from last month’s retrograde of your Mercury ruler. ‘Tis but a trifle, however, given you are heading for the completion of a long term project – maybe more than one – that has pre-occcupied you for the last 18 months or more. Whether that’s penning a best-seller, heading for the bake-off finals, building your garden studio, or even a friendship, the pace quickens between now and new year’s eve. The Sun and Mercury both passing Saturn later this month – on the 19th and 26th respectively – mark staging posts, but also times to be wary of any attempts to bounce you into unwanted commitment or deadlines.

Your horoscope comes multi-faceted this month, however. The new Moon of 22 November is something of a springboard into the future – most notably for birthdays circa 23 August – presaging events early in 2015. Domestic arrangements can be usefully scrutinised for possible pitfalls (or complete shakedown), and heartstrings tuned, whether they involve a lover or a cherished offspring. Look ahead.

Ultra-personal relationships are highlighted by planets elsewhere. The march of Mars though a fellow earth sign, Capricorn, promises entertainment and dashing romances for those of you on the lookout for such things, and victory for sporting Virgos (they exist!). The more settled among you can venture into the world a-deux. Creatives, however you define that noun, can apply themselves with even more assiduousness than usual. Lazing around – and when Virgos laze they give it 100% – doesn’t look like an option.

For those of you caught in romantic limbo, especially August birthdays and those of you mixed up with Pisceans, the change of direction slow-moving Neptune at mid-month is good news. The energies represented by the distant planet are seductive but hazy, meaning it’s hard to know who or what you are dealing with. Neptune’s return to forward motion after five months of backsliding means you can start to get clarity.


Flush or broke? The new Moon of 23 October and the full Moon of 6 November both have the same message: get your finances in sharp order. You likely can’t wave a magic wand to cancel any debts but at least stare the money beast in the face and grapple with any issues you have. If you’re set up nicely thankyou, you still have to run the calculator over your sums – Saturn insists, and will carry on insisting until Christmas, when a showdown of sorts looks inevitable. Mercury, once again moving forwards in your skies after October’s backslide, is on hand during the first week of the month especially.

Money issues are perhaps mixed in with domestic affairs. Mars’ presence at the root of your ‘scope throughout the month is a niggling affair, at best provoking you to sort out your living quarters sharpish, at worst bringing disputes with authorities to a head (notably around the 10th). Keep your paperwork brisk.

None of which is very thrilling, but even Librans can’t get by on graceful living alone. However, a taste of the good life remains to hand in November, as during October, thanks firstly to Jupiter in your zone of peers and networking. (Your astrologer notes a series of programmes on BBC radio helmed by a ‘Professor of Networking’, who could perhaps learn something from yourself.) Together with Venus, which changes sign on the 17th, and the new Moon of the 22nd, the favoured Libran lifestyle of the social parade, pleasant company and a frisson of romance should be freely available.

Talking of romance, and of ongoing partnerships and one-on-one relationships of all stripes, you are still processing events from your birthday season and the eclipse of 8 October (perhaps even the eclipse of 15 April). The planet Prometheus, currently in charge of your zone of significant others, favours a bold approach and unconventional people, an attitude that will be in increasingly in play in the run-up to Christmas. A nothing-ventured nothing-gained strategy finds favour especially round the 11 and 26 November.


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