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Your Stars September 2014

Horoscope columns and major eclipses aside, the popular media tend to take little notice of celestial events, so the excitement greeting this year’s so-called Supermoons – a full Moon when Luna is closest to the Earth and hence larger and more spectacular, is gratifying. September 9th sees the last of 2014’s five Supermoons, signalling high tides, strong weather and Pisceans pushed into the limelight.

September’s other major event is, of course, the Autumn Equinox, one of two points in the year when day and night get equal billing. This year the equinox comes with a new Moon on the following day, which coupled with Pluto moving forward after five months of sliding backwards in the sky (or appearing to) makes the last week of the month an unusually urgent time. Doubling that message is that messenger Mercury will be in one of its frustrating thrice annual retrograde spells in October: whatever your sign and whatever your agenda, get cracking.

Apologies for the delay in posting this month’s stars, which is due principally to computing and internet problems. As one astrologer put it in a recent copy of the estimable Mountain Astrologer magazine, “Not all things under Mercury retrograde go wrong, and not all things under Mercury direct go right”. Food for thought.


Virgo’s reputation as a clean machine is there to live up to throughout September. As you appreciate, organisation and hard work, along with a tidy desk and an even tidier mind, will conquer many of life’s problems. Virgo’s planet, Mercury, is slowing down ready for its (mildly) dreaded retrograde spell in October, making the first 14 days in particular (before so-called ‘Shadow Retrograde’) optimum for all practical matters, not least financial affairs, where you are promised something that looks suspiciously like a new cash flow. In a word, monetise!

Not all issues bend to a sharp pencil and fresh page of the notebook of course, and matters of the heart, both romantic and familial, call for a more intuitive and nuanced response. Here you have the help of fair Venus, the planet of relationships cruising through your skies between the 6th and the 27th.  At the least this calls for a spot of retail therapy and a make-over of your immaculately arranged wardrobe, while Venus also smiles on all social adventures, including, natch, your birthday party – might as well push out the boat with your freshly acquired funds.

Thursday the 4th and the weekend of the 13th both resonate strongly with emotional concerns, and with Pluto static all month, affairs that were in play back at the start of the year may come booming back for resolution. As outlined in August’s forecast, Neptune is the bundle of energies that you have to master when handling significant others, notably if you are a late August birthday. Enticing but oh-so slippery, Neptune’s energies are to the fore around the full Moon of the 9th, a good date for a sweet date but not for confronting you know who about their lack of faith or dependability. Try turning the tables and be somewhat unavailable yourself.

Authenticity, to the point of bluntness, is a Virgoan attribute, and your birthday Sun empowers you to tell others what’s on your mind and just where they are in error, but avoid criticism for its own sake. It’s a Venusian month remember; let there be peace in the valley. Happy birthday.

Virgos of the Month: Lauren Bacall & Richard Attenborough

The recently passed Hollywood actress b. 16.9.24 proved that glamour is as much the Corn Maiden’s role as duty (Venus on her ascendant helps). Flinty Capricorn Humphrey Bogart proved a perfect earthy match. Dicky Attenborough’s place in cinematic hearts was won not only by his acting but by his tenacity and attention to detail when directing; Ghandi required epic organisation. A true Virgo (b. 29/8/23) Attenborough was never happier than when on a mission.


Weighed down or weighing up? The former situation is certainly not what your horoscope has in mind (though 1985 Librans may care to differ). Au contraire, you are now in a lighter, more spontaneous and above all more social phase of the year compared to the somewhat conflict-prone opening half of 2014. September and October offer multiple chances to mingle and cavort among your team, and to deepen casual acquaintance into something deeper and more rewarding. Don’t be a stay at home.

Hold that thought, as you are being asked to consider your situation with the shrewdness and even-handedness with which your sign if associated (we’ll put aside the mood swings for now). Mercury in your skies in September – and in retrograde in October – calls for cogitation, cool detachment and blue sky thinking. The first two weeks are made for administration and the swift dispatch of business – if you are in a position of authority, issue your orders with crisp confidence and keep a note of when you made your commands (you don’t need disputes during October’s Merc Ret). Relations with significant and less significant others are ideally kept orderly and on a mutually understood basis. Large displays of passion arrive next month. Your Venus ruler and the Sun (until the 23rd) in a cloistered zone of your ‘scope give secret schemes extra importance.

Things change rapidly come the autumn equinox, with the new Moon of the 24th the perfect time for a relaunch – this is something of game-changer, especially if that’s your birthday.  How you handle untoward people, along with partnerships and friendships that went awry during Mars’ long stay in your skies a few months back, becomes way clearer thereafter, though the days following the full Moon of September 9 may also give you a clue as to how to put things back on an even keel. Avoid contretemps around the 11th; remember, cool detachment is the rule.

Finances likewise need chilly objectivity. You’ll be out of the challenging phase of the last 18 months by Christmas, but you can’t just sit on your hands and wait – take action, deal with bureaucracy and be just as pernickety as the authorities that seem intent on shackling your blithe Libran spirit. Pluto’s weighty, stationary presence in your domestic zone means home and family are no small thing just now. Pluto’s question is simple but insistent: where do you belong? If that query is solved, fine. If not, right now is the time to come up with a decisive answer.

Libra of The Month: Theresa May

The horoscope for the UK Home Secretary (b. 1.10.56) mixes Libran strategy with a taste for glamorous Westwood fashion. An imminent Saturn return makes bookmaker’s odds of 2-1 as next Tory leader look generous.


The sticky, exhausting phase you have been enduring the last 18 months is not over, but as late summer should have shown you, your perseverance and phoenix-like ability to emerge from fire and flood are finally delivering personal and professional success. Saturn always pays back your best efforts, and now that the taskmaster planet is on its (almost) final passage through your skies, this is no time to quit. Rather, you have to renew your efforts, ready for the decisive birthday month that’s just up the road.

That your Mars ruler (accept no other) is in your skies until the 14th re-enforces that message, along with helpful planets in the zone of your ‘scope that offers the support of colleagues, fellow travellers and old friends. Be a team player where possible, be a rugged individualist where not. Your professional life is now a broad vista where you are promised major recognition all the way to New Year’s Eve, when you can finally exhale. Meanwhile, soldier on, maintaining the highest public profile you can muster.

Your triumphal parade – well, here’s hoping – has, however, to be balanced by inner communion and some social high-stepping. Mercury spends the month in your ‘scope’s secretive, some would say psychic zone, and with a new Moon in the same spot on the 24th, what you cook up between ‘me, myself and I’, as numerous musicians and wags have put it, is a big part of September’s agenda.

It’s a matter of balance (something with which Scorpios can struggle).  The full Moon of September 8/9, for example, suggests you get the heck out of the house and abandon yourself to the movie/dance floor of choice. As this potent super-Moon also emphasises matters of the heart, you may also be facing a (not unpleasant) reckoning with your current crush /faithful partner/beloved offspring. Nothing to fret about providing you have some firm boundaries in place – Saturn’s arduous passage through your sign has surely taught you their value, and the necessity of putting your personal survival and integrity first, if only to better help others.

Scorpio Of The Month: Johnny Marr

Despite his kudos as co-main man with The Smiths, it took 26 years for guitar wizz Marr (b. 31/10/63) to release an album under his own name. Come assertive Saturn in Scorpio, come 2013’s The Messenger, and now Playland. Catchy but moral single ‘Easy Money’ echoes a current Jupiter transit in his birth chart. Big hit then.


There’s a relentless quality to your ‘scope this autumn, one that doesn’t promise much in the way of downtime. Excitement yes – travel, the social whirl, a hot date or two  – and this month especially, hard graft …but coasting along on easy street? Hardly.

As highlighted last month, the new position of the Archer’s ruler, Jupiter, is an omen that favours your questing spirit and the exploration of new horizons, whether geographical or philosophical. Education and publishing, including online activity, are large in the frame. Opportunities to further your professional reputation are there in September, as the Sun and Venus cross the roof of your ‘scope, with the full Moon of the 9th especially obliging. Dress to impress. If you are considering a relocation, that too may be on the cards, but be sure to examine your new home and its attendant contracts with some care. Neptune’s presence means a gung-ho attitude needs to be properly grounded.

You can afford to be more freewheeling in your approach to your social life. An alliance between Jupiter and Prometheus after the equinox and new Moon on the 24th can put you in touch with people as quixotic and adventurous as yourself. Birthdays circa December 7 have the rub of the green in this, and indeed, most other regards. For once, doors open with a simple push.

Adding further dynamism to your outlook is the arrival of Mars in your skies at the14th for a six-week stay. Woe to anyone who doubts your sincerity, your determination or your (occasionally abrasive) charms. The trinity of fire sign planets resident in your skies thereafter look formidable and, to the faint-hearted, slightly scary. Naturally that applies to your romantic life, where any impatience on your part is doubtless fully justified. October looks an even better bet here, but keep in mind that with mercury in retreat next month, you may have to keep circling for a few weeks. Nonetheless, the weekend of September 13 looks auspicious as do the last two days the month. Those who prevaricate about your advances may find themselves cast quickly aside. Go get, killer.

Sagittarius of the month: Miley Cyrus

Centaurs don’t care for boundaries, as pop pin-up Cyrus (b. 23/11/92) has demonstrated. It’s debatable how ‘rebellious’ are her neo-porn twerks (for which fellow Sag Sinead O’Connor took her to task) or this month’s corporate nudie shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, but an imminent Saturn transit provides a reality check. Great record? Or crash’n’burn?


As you of all signs appreciate, pennies rarely do fall from heaven, they are usually acquired through sweat and shrewd fiscal management. Nonetheless, now that Jupiter is in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with the resources you share with, and acquire from, significant others, you have the rub of the green when handling financial affairs. You begin September with the giant planet somewhat at odds with Pluto in your own skies, calling for a readjustment in your approach to the nexus of mortgages/investments/alimony and other such legally binding agreements – a signal especially important for birthdays circa January 1st.

For all Capricorns, however, and for all practical and professional matters, speed and decisiveness are of the essence in September. Mercury, the planet of deals agreements and communications will be going into one its awkward retrograde phases in October, meaning the more that is set in stone (or writing) now the better. The good news is that with the Sun and Venus in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, you have a following wind in matters both personal and impersonal. Press on. The 4th and 5th should find you in the pink.

After the equinox, always an important date in the Goat’s world, you enter a more pressured few weeks, with the new Moon of the 24th unfolding a new term at work (Christmas birthdays take note). If you stick to your long-term plans – you’ll have ‘em  – then your obligingly sited Saturn ruler will steer you safely into your birthday season.

Romance looks to be where you find it for now. If you’re single, that could be way off the beaten track – long distance love has a shine about it  – but with Venus and Neptune obligingly placed, not least at the full Moon of the 9th, September looks like a month for whispered sweet nothings for hitched and footloose alike.

Capricorn of the month: Michelle Obama

Tough, hardworking, with a taste for power, America’s First Lady (b. 17/1/64) exudes Capricorn virtues. Less expected is her emergence as fashion icon, but with A Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces, she’s a natural for the glamour trade – a Neptune transit brought out her rag trade savvy.


And breathe. Although you remain under pressure from Saturn, overhead in your ‘scope, demanding continued attention to the business of making a living and carving out a niche in the cruel world of work politics, September’s planets are kinder than for several months. The big development remains Jupiter in opposition, either liberating you from a tired partnership or introducing you to a swell guy or gal who will enlarge your world and perhaps splash some cash on making things zing for the pair of you. As the giant planet is moving swiftly throughout the autumn, make your theme tune ‘Just The Two Of Us’, even if you are now single! Your pairing does not have to be romantic – any partnership – bridge, tennis, business, tandem – promises to make one and one  add up to more then the sum of the parts.

Equally good news is the imminent season of Libra, a fellow air sign, where Mercury and, from the equinox, the Sun ask you to stretch your horizons wither in philosophical flight or literally in travel. In the latter instance try to get your tickets signed sealed and delivered before the 14th, or at least by the end of the month.

Mars’ change of sign at mid month also eases the pressure of work, pushing you into more group –related activities. Wheel and deal among your colleagues or team, there is urgent business to be done between the 14th and the close of October. The red planet’s alignments with Prometheus, a planet often touted as your sign’s modern day ruler, in the final week of September have a revolutionary quality, especially with anything concerning the internet, education or publishing.

Whether you can turn such activities into cash money is the slippery question posed by the full Moon of the 9th. Slippery because with Neptune strong in your affairs just now, the challenge is not to kid yourself about just how much is in the coffers. Avoid any get rich quick schemes; if Saturn’s two year transit of your success zone has shown you anything, it’s that nothing succeeds like hard work.

Aquarius of the moth: John Lydon

The former Sex Pistol has already put his name to one autobiography, now Anger Is An Energy – My Life Uncensored promises a full-blown ‘fess up of his life and times. Proudly out of step as only an Aquarian can be, Lydon (b.31/1/56) is on his second Saturn Return.


How do you feel about the month of Virgo? This being the halfway point of your year, it may not be your favourite time, the Sun in opposition signalling low energy levels. This September brings the added nuance of Venus in opposition, plus a Supermoon in your skies on the 9th, a configuration set to put significant relationships under the spotlight.

At best Venus dangles passing beauties before your eyes (birthdays circa February 24 look especially susceptible) and offers peaceful resolution of conflicts, while at worst inclines one to wistfulness and jealousy. Mark your card accordingly. Either way current partners, future dates, ex’s and enemies all need careful handling, especially at the 8th and 9th, when that Supermoon can put you on the spot (if you like the spotlight, on the other hand, this can be an all-singing, all-dancing moment). A little steel in your attitude will do no harm, and with Mars on hand to supply it, until the 14th, any tendency to want to share all your feelings can be curbed. Distant and mysterious is a better option just now.

Besides, you are faced with some serious practical concerns. Money for example. A new Moon in your resources zone just after the equinox calls for are-examination of your commitments to mortgages, property and any spoils you share with partners or in-laws. Best not drift, since the imminent retrograde of Mercury in the same sector of your ‘scope requires the prompt dispatch of red tape and paperwork. Can your savings account come out ahead? Very possibly – October promises some radical ideas about financial solutions. Patience and ingenuity are your allies until Mercury resumes normal service later in October.

Mars’ arrival at the peak of your ’scope on March 14 further directs your attention to work, where any conflicts are best met with resolve and a willingness to work solo to avoid waspish workmates. Dispel any ideas that you are a push over and seek out allies – Pluto’s turn to direct motion suggests they are available, not least for birthdays in early March.

Pisces of the month; Justin Bieber

The passage of goody-goody teen pin-up into out-of-control tearaway has become a feature of modern life. Bieber (b. 1/3/94) is a Fish facing two directions: in trouble with cops, vandalising paintings on on side, giving generously to charity on the other.


The Ram’s energy and directness are not always a virtue – sometimes circumspection is the better option – but in the first half of September the faster you operate the better. How come? Because Mercury, the communications planet, will be flipping to reverse motion next month and will be in what some astrologers reckon is its equally dicey ‘shadow retrograde’ after mid-month.

With Mercury in opposition, all negotiations with significant others, including partners, rivals, ex’s and open foes have extra significance and call for exact understandings. If business is concerned, get agreements in writing – you don’t want ‘But I thought you said…’ conversations next month when folks turn flaky.

That said, other people, not least potential romantic liaisons, are a potential source of inspiration and pitter-patter heartbeats. Jupiter in your fellow sign of Leo is keen on the pursuit of pleasure, adventure and affairs of the heart, and with the giant planet aligning forcefully to Prometheus in your own skies, a snooze in the armchair comes way behind getting out in the world and parading yourself, however nutty others might find your ideas.

Much the same agenda comes with your Mars ruler busting into the third fire sign of Sagittarius on the 14th. Travel, international contacts, intense bursts of creativity and marathon sessions in the library (or on the ‘net) all come under mars aegis in later September and throughout October. Again, speediness helps. The autumn Equinox and its accompanying new moon on the 24th mark the halfway point of your year, and while the Sun in opposition usually depletes energy levels, current fire sign activity leaves you little option but to ‘go for it’ as common parlance has it.

Your love life is central to all these planetary auguries – with more to follow next month – and while diplomacy is required, there is little point playing wallflower 9as if). A fat Moon in your skies on the 10th/11th puts you in the driving seat.

Best not ahead of yourself, however. The ongoing season of Virgo is also about work and a sensible early-to-bed routine, while Pluto, static in your success zone but rumbling forwards from the 23rd, means there are big prizes to play for, big cheeses to meet. Money? Trust what you have in the bank and in your pocket/purse. Saturn doesn’t operate on promises, nor should you.

Aries of the month: Peter Capaldi

Neptune has an iffy astrological reputation but the planet’s transit over Capaldi’s Piscean Moon has won the spiky Scots actor  (b. 14.4.58) huge plaudits as the new Dr. Who; this dream scenario looks ongoing.


The Bull likes things to be straightforward and clean cut, but there’s a juggling act to be done in September and, indeed, onwards into October and November. Home, family and security is an obvious place to start, and with Jupiter now coursing through the zone of your ‘scope concerned with such matters, the omens are positive but forceful. Whether you are just having a clear-out or settling some long festering clan dynamic, you are obliged to get a grip – and a workable plan – in place. This particular demand is gathering pace, not receding.

Staying on the front foot is the season of Virgo, with your Venus godmother sweeping through said sign from the 6th to the end of the month, a perfect set-up for the creatives and romantics among you. Saturn in long term opposition is, as your astrologer has repeatedly pointed out, no easy ride – oh how you have had to bend the knee to the impersonal forces that run things – but September allows you to put yourself and your heart’s needs first for a change. If you are in the dating game, then date away frantically. The full Moon of the 9th looks sweet for the social whirl, and for falling for an odd, perhaps inappropriate fish. Be curious. The weekend of the 13th, when the Moon is exalted in your skies, looks equally fabulous for pushing out the boat.

Where’s the catch? Well, Saturn remains frowning at you, meaning you still have to handle assorted bosses and bureaucrats, and Mars, also in opposition until the 14th, may ask you to either hold a partner’s hand as you do so, or dodge incoming flak from them. Then there’s the daily grind, which you can expect to lean hard on you from the equinox at the 23rd. A new routine, lithe and light on the calories, beckons with the new Moon the next day. Plus, with Mercury in the same zone and about to go retrograde in October, you need business deals signed and in triplicate thank you. The group or tribe with which you operate also needs a gimlet eye. Here the omens are mixed – there’s inspiration among the tribe, but with Neptune in the mix, don’t expect every member to be as straight ahead and steady as you. Juggle on.

Taurus of the Month: John Oliver

The British satirist (b. 23.4.77) shows that when the chips are down and Saturn is against you, triumph is still possible. He is now one of the leading comedians in the USA, with his own show, Last Week Tonight. A Jupiter transit of his Cancerian Moon seems to have helped.


You see him here, you see her there…September is in many respects the ideal time for a flitting Twin. Your quicksilver ruler, Mercury, spends almost the entire month in Libra, a sign almost as ambiguous as your own. Add the Sun in the same place after the autumn equinox and you have an ideal time for you to be either out and about, or indoors slaving over your next masterpiece. Your shout.

Needless to add, though The Force is with you, there are complications, but you should roar into September with your dander up and your concentration, uh, concentrated. The first complication is that Mercury will shortly be going into retrograde motion, meaning that whatever you agree after the 14th is provisional and subject to revision during a practically frustrating but socially thrilling October.  If more than a peck on the cheek and a handshake is involved, put things in writing.

Nonetheless, here is a time for circulating, glad-handing and doing your canny trick of bi-location. All creative enterprises, however you define them, are in forward motion. All party invites need to be honoured. Feel free to show off. If you are casting round for friendship and/or romance, you can find promising leads (again, terms and conditions apply – see below). The weekend of the 13th looks sparky.

Underlining the inventive, social mood is Jupiter in your cerebral but socially combustible third house. As mentioned lat month, this is an enduring, year long transit, so make the most its favourable outlook during the remainder of 2014, when the giant planet turns retrograde, and sterner tests arrive.

Two other celestial events call for your attention. Firstly, comes the advent of warrior Mars in your opposing sign of Sagittarius, from the 14th –cue for both physical attraction and/or the odd bout of china-hurling with your dearly beloved yet sometimes detested other half.  Simmer down.

Then there is the full Moon of September 9, which activates the Pisces/Virgo axis of your chart, which governs both your domestic scenario and your success zone. Neptune’s presence here indicates a degree of confusion, chaos even, and asks for you to seize control. Yes, your sign is variable and ambiguous, but from time to time you need to insist on what is best for you and your clan. Unavoidable arguments with your other half or ex notwithstanding, seize control.

Gemini of The Month: Peggy Seeger
The folk veteran’s new record, Everything Changes, features ’Over The Mountain To You’, a song she reveals “was co-written by my child-self at 10 and completed by my crone-self at 76. I’m not a Gemini for nothing.” There’s insight.


Cancer is, in the somewhat lazy shorthand of popular astrology, all about home, hearth and family. Fair play, there is no escaping the importance of that tough Crab shell for your sign and its tender underbelly. Still, Cancer is a dynamic, Cardinal sign and not one to endlessly shelter at home and plead sensitivity… isn’t it?

September puts your resolve to the test. The early part of the month is largely congenial. The Virgo season is full of the simple pleasures of friends, neighbours and family, with Venus enabling you to bury the hatchet with troublesome siblings. Lunar tides are always strong for Moon-children, and the full Moon of the 9th has an enchanting quality – reach out to the limits of your network then, even to far shores. Soppy love stuff looks available if you are interested.

Assisting your willpower is an exalted Mars in Scorpio until the 14th, an augury that applies both to your creative and romantic life. With Saturn also in this fellow water sign, you are in a position to mop up any emotional spills from the last 18 months, and the last two weeks in particular That phrase Tough Love applies, whether to personal relationships or to your kids, should you have any. Settle for nothing less.

Talking of relationships, Pluto, a planet in mega long term opposition, moves onwards come the 23rd, meaning birthdays circa July 3 are finally able to move onwards from any stew in which they have found themselves during the summer. Pluto is a planet of ultimatums so accept no attempts at manipulation or blackmail. If you find yourself offered a marriage hand from an oligarch or superwoman…hey, your choice.

The autumn equinox rings the changes, with the new Moon of the 24th asking acute questions about both your home set-up and your career path. With imminent Mercury retrograde there is no need to rush to conclusions on either score.

Cash money and income is a different matter. With Jupiter in your resources zone, bite off any hand that offers to feed you.

Cancer of the month: Lionel Messi

The Argentinian master striker’s demeanor is classic Cancerian: tough shell, hidden inner life. No world cup medal this summer, but his Sun-Pluto opposition describes an individual of power…and immense wealth.


The regal birthday has gone but you are in the afterglow of Jupiter. The planet of expansion, insight and canny breaks is rolling through your skies at a clip, but best not take for granted its reputation as an omen of good fortune falling into your lap. Your co-operation is required – as in having a brave, optimistic and expansionary agenda.

Your programme is helped by Mercury, messenger and arranger, in the sign of Libra – air for Leo’s fire your fire – and by the Sun’s arrival in the same sign at the equinox on the 23rd, along with the new Moon of the 24th.  The more you can set in motion this month, before October’s tricksy Merc Ret phase, the better.

Meanwhile the season of Virgo returns you to the issue of cash flow, and here the omens are mixed. Jupiter is the money planet while Venus also has associations with the folding stuff (needed for life’s little and large Venusian pleasures), especially when the green planet is in your zone of resources, as now. However, so is foggy Neptune, and the opposition of Venus and Neptune on the 10th calls for tight scrutiny of your accounts, not Leo’s frequent ‘What the heck’ approach.

Fortunately, Saturn, grinding forward in your domestic zone, provides a useful reality check, returning you (again) to issues of security and where you live. If you have that nailed down, fine. If not, now is the moment to anticipate any problems and wrestle them to the ground before your hand may be forced (and Saturn can be very forceful). If it’s the job that is giving you headaches, grapple with the powers-that-be with all due gravitas. Next month’s clash between Jupiter and Saturn looks a likely moment of catharsis.

On a more upbeat note comes Mars, whose move into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius on the 14th, is the cue for belated birthday parties – any kind of party actually – and for a renewal of attention to matters of the heart. Mars in your solar fifth house is hardly a cure for vexed romances, other than raising one’s sex drive, but the red planet’s impatience and ‘go get’ attitude is a boost for singletons looking for action, and for the sporting types among you, a signal that ‘You can win!’.

Jupiter, whose symbolic meanings are legion, also governs long haul travel, and its alignment with Prometheus in your zone of distant shores on the 25th suggests you raise your gaze to any international contacts you may have, however odd and unpromising they seem. The final week of September looks unusually eventful, electrifying even; keep a steady hand on the joystick.

Leo of The Month: Kate Bush

The art-rocker’s return to public performance after a 3? Year absence won rave reviews. Did esoterically minded La Bush (b. 30.7.58) know she had an auspicious Jupiter transit of her sign? An album title like Lionheart suggests she might!

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