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Your Stars December 2014

The very particular atmosphere of Christmas can sparkle with magic, just as those Xmas songs insist, but it can easily become over-heated, and a twang of nostalgia is never far away. December’s stars certainly have the capacity to supercharge the atmosphere, hopefully in a positive way.

The astrological elephant in the room is the clash of Pluto-Prometheus, a cycle that has been an ongoing subject on this site and beyond over the last year. Suffice to say that the duo’s penultimate square-off, on December 15, restates the theme of corporate and establishment might versus a disaffected populus. A familiar global story just now, and one that leads on to 2015.

December’s stars are dynamic in other, likely more personal respects. Very rarely does planet Earth get a new Moon mere hours after the midwinter solstice. The latter arrives at 11.03 PM GMT on December 21, the signal for the druid horns to sound in honour of the return of the light (in the Northern hemisphere). The new Moon is at 1.36 AM GMT on December 22, in the first, primal degree of Capricorn’s skies. With the full Moon of January 5 conjoined to Pluto, this lunation looks like a game-changer, most obviously for the zodiac’s Mountain (or Sea) Goats. Saturn’s shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius on Christmas Eve, is another major waymarker.

I have suggested an apposite Yuletide present for each sign. Wherever you fit on the zodiac’s wheel , Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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Even when happily coupled-up, Centaurs have a reluctance to let anyone tell them what to do or what to think. That tendency looks mighty strong during your birthday month (and, indeed, throughout 2015, though that’s a rather different, Saturnian story). Be your own person and let others take you as they find you.

That should be in genial mood given that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all passing through your skies, with all three aligning sweetly with your Jupiter ruler, the planet that makes you such a happy handful (a high-handed handful at that). Under these omens you are duty bound to pursue your personal grail with vigour, to speak plainly while smiling broadly, and to lead your birthday party from the front. You look unstoppable and unsinkable just now, though the full Moon raging over the weekend of the 6th may lead to excess, not least where that plain-speaking is concerned (avoid show-downs, or at least advise your other half to ignore everything you say). For singletons, romance flutters her lashes at every turn, not least at that full Moon and over Christmas.

Make the most of your somewhat volatile month in the Sun, since the arrival of Saturn in your sign over Yuletide sounds a more sober note – perhaps not immediately, but certainly over the course of 2015. Many Centaurs will have made major resolutions for the New Year, and perhaps already put them into action. Whatever your choice, keep in mind that the central part of a resolution is resolve, preferably of an iron kind, and that money is likely to figure prominently. Happy birthday.

The midwinter new Moon makes your Christmas gift: a cash windfall.


As some New Age wag put it, ‘Every ending is a new beginning’ and with two major planets changing direction in December, plus the highly irregular new Moon in the Goat’s skies at the midwinter solstice, your horoscope comes etched with finales and fresh starts.

Under the attention of planet Prometheus, ‘The Awakener’, the zone of your ‘scope concerned with domestic security and familial clan is being roused. A chaotic home life is absolutely not Capricorn style, but even you are likely to have experienced some churn about how and where you live over recent months. Issues from mid 2014 now return for resolution. If you want an upheaval, even a relocation, here’s a window of opportunity.

Something similar applies to your professional outlook, where a radical change of tactics may be called for, while, of course, never denting your iron determination to succeed in the long run. A less orthodox approach (and Caps can be jolly orthodox) is being suggested.

More intimate matters are also running at a higher than normal frequency; not so much love and marriage as issues of identity, where you fit into the grand scheme, and how you present yourself to the world. An image-makeover cum charm offensive is favoured, along with a spot of intense PR – be your own spin-doctor. Change your name by deed poll? Why not.

Talk planet Mercury and magnetising Venus transit your skies from the 17th and 11th respectively. The annual Capricorn new Moon arrives on December 22 (1.36 am GMT,) mere hours after the solstice – an event that marks a new cycle in many Capricorn lives, not least, of course, if you have a 21/22 December birthday (the solstice can arrive on either day). The message for December and for several months ahead couldn’t be clearer; forge change on your own terms, and get to it with vigour. Moneybags Jupiter, now in retrograde, meanwhile asks you to do your financial sums again.

Venus in your skies makes your Christmas gift: the fairy atop the tree.


Aquarians don’t necessarily aspire to be the star of the show, the important thing being that the team delivers the project (though, paradoxically, Aquarians make good screen actors). In December and January you are caught between self-promotion and working alongside colleagues. As suggested in last month’s forecast, teamwork is very much the shape of 2015.

However, the arrival of Mars in the Urn Bearer’s skies on December 5 puts a single spotlight on you. The energies associated with Mars can be tricky – this is the planet of war war not jaw jaw – but if you adopt the stance of ‘peace warrior’ you can prevail without outright conflict. Be a principled leader. Watch out for bumps, scrapes and burns, which are all Martian according to stellar symbolism.

The social whirl seems sweetly set up for work, play and the overlap between them. Go with the flow, especially at the full Moon of December 5/6 – a humming weekend. Long term relationships remain under the aegis of Jupiter, meaning freedom is the issue to address; who wants it, how you can make the one and one of coupledom add up to more an two.

The new Moon at the solstice plants a seed in the most secretive spot in the astrological garden. Good moment for an utterly personal and transformative resolution. Said Moon will be sailing through your skies over Yuletide, meaning your Christmas gift is: a guiding star.


Something of an ‘Ouch!’ factor is in play up at the peak of your ‘scope, the place where you drive forward your career and professional status among life’s crowded highways. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to feel pressured – it sharpens up one’s act and brings into play skills you likely take for granted – but it can get awfully wearing. Best skate along agily while preparing for what looks like a long haul. The closing days of November should have given you a heads-up about what lies ahead. You get more co-operation from colleagues as December unfolds.

The importance of infrastructure, systems and routine is not exactly a sexy subject, but one nonetheless emphasised by your Jupiter ruler, now stationary in what might be termed the ‘Virgo zone’ of your ‘scope, the place where you put things in good order. Access your inner Virgo – your sign being the Corn Goddess’s compliment, every Piscean has one.

In other news, the enigmatic asteroid Chiron has just resumed forward motion in the Fishes’ skies, meaning there may be something of an ‘Ouch!’ factor in play closer to home. Whatever your tender spot, emotional or physical, it’s likely a little sore now. Chiron asks for wounds to be acknowledged and for ways to heal them to be found; an ongoing mission in 2015.

Neptune in Piscean skies makes your Christmas gift: an angel flying close to the ground.


In December you are, as they say, moving right along. The dance of planets in the three fire signs of the cosmos – of which The Ram is one – animates passions (both your own and those you share with others), opens doors to new shores and brings back into play business from your birthday. In short, everything is to play for.

Cherish and prioritise projects and people closest to your heart, even if they are deemed unlikely winners by outsiders. With Jupiter resplendent in your ‘scope, that mysterious thing called faith (in your own destiny) has a role just now. Create, love and celebrate. Planets in Sagittarius and your Mars ruler in Aquarius beam fine company and, ahem, possible excess. The full Moon of the 5th is a case in point.

There will be no shortage of officialdom to please after the new Moon of December 22, which is born at thee tippermost top of your solar scope, the point where you are noticed, admired and (it goes with the turf) criticised. In career terms, December and January look like a turn-round for the better. For early April birthdays, those most-affected by the ongoing and histric Pluto-Prometheus Square December and January looks like a bust-out from jail.

Meanwhile Chiron and Neptune in your house of holies makes your Christmas gift; a candle lit in a secret chapel.


Although it’s only a matter of weeks before Saturn is off your case, don’t get demob happy before the appointed hour (Christmas Eve!) You concentration is needed to bring projects you have nursed this year (and likely last) to a satisfactory conclusion. It’s a time for nit-picking and attention to detail in all contractual affairs, and for running a gimlet eye over your financial figures.

Whether you’re dealing with drastic shortfall or happy windfall, the full Moon of the 6th flags up money matters with some urgency. If you are in any kind of property deal or domestic change, December is a window of Jupiterian opportunity. Push things on.

Much else is moving briskly along in your ‘scope. The new Moon of December 22 is a promising omen (April 20 birthdays take note), asking you to raise your gaze from your cherished plot/sumptuous boudoir/heaving kitchen and consider pastures new and countries other than your own, one strand of 2015’s stars.

Your Venus ruler bustling through a kindred earth sign oils your wheels in social discourse, while Mars, cresting your scope on the 5th, ratchets up – perhaps unexpectedly – the stakes in your chosen profession and career path. You’ll be working up to the wire, and it could be time for some head-knocking discussions.

With so much going on the obvious conclusion is you have to burn the candle at both ends. Try to pace yourself. A potent Taurus Moon in your skies on the 4th and on new year’s eve makes your Christmas gift: a kitchen table groaning with goodies.


It sometimes seems to the rest of the zodiac that Geminis are striving for a state of perpetual motion, never still (there are sedentary hedonists, granted), and with Jupiter and Mars beaming across your ‘scope’s travel axis this December, the urge for movement looks strong, be it a weekend away for a quick fix or something more dramatic and long haul. A Sinatra style ‘come fly with me’ scenario fits the planetary picture nicely.

You may not be able to manage a jet set romance, but there’s certainly no escaping significant others just now, along with your duties to them. Even if you have wangled a solo escape you are likely carrying the imprint of your other half, ex or soon-to-be in your head.

Relationships often get stressful this time of the year, but the advent of Saturn at the close of 2014 brings extra resonance to your one-on-one dealings. It’s a chiming of the planetary bells (May 21 birthdays take note), but the full Moon weekend of December 5/6 is not the time to take decisions. That full Moon in the sky, cloud cover permitting, is in Gemini’s skies, calling to your inner wolf. How loony do you want to get?

The other planetary chime that’s sounding this month concerns money, and where you have it invested. The unusual new Moon on the midwinter solstice calls for some chilly mathematical analysis. Do your sums painstakingly. Said Moon also touches your career path via Neptune, whose foggy, oceanic energies sit atop your solar ‘scope.

Neptune also makes your Christmas gift: a pair of tickets to the best show in town (or down to Rio)


You are steaming towards the halfway point of your personal year – six months since your birthday – which you may recognise from previous years can be a low energy few weeks. Your horoscope’s remedy is sensible work schedules and early nights, a regime also favoured once Saturn changes sign at Christmas.

The demands on you look plentiful. Whether they are ongoing or bust, romances from the last two years need resolution, even it’s ‘only’ in your heart. Partnerships and dealings with friends, business partners and ex’s are in highly active mode all month, as Venus and Mercury traverse the skies of your compliment, the Sea Goat. Add Pluto to he equation, and a very rare new Moon on the midwinter solstice, and the scene is one of you negotiating, haggling, charming and bluffing your way with one, more likely several, significant others. At best it’s a refresher course for marital burn out and friendships, and an invitation to attractive newcomers.

Coinciding with the planetary action in Capricorn is that of planet Prometheus, The Awakener, in Aries and your zone of career path, offering fresh thinking into your professional situation. An alert technician may be a source of help and new ways of generating income

With the goddess Venus in your seventh house, your Christmas gift is; a kiss beneath the mistletoe.


Romping along? Your horoscope is certainly is, and part of December’s challenge is to keep up with the party invitations and swell people they bring into your orbit. A full-on attack with Leo bling is entirely in keeping with the fire-sign fest that’s the first three weeks of December.

An alternative is to exhibit your creative talents before an awe-struck audience; mounting an exhibition, staging a play, trying some stand-up – whatever you think of as show business. You have a ready audience, especially at the full Moon weekend of the 5th/6th, and again on the 10th and 11th, when Luna is in the Lion’s skies.

Near to said Moon you will spot Jupiter, which is now stationary in your sign, ready for a few months’ backtrack. Even in retrograde, Jupiter remains an opener of the ways, and in 2015 you can pick up some opportunities hastily stowed on the backburner.

Since Santa Claus is a manfestation of the Jupiterian spirit ( things don’t get more jovial than ‘Yo ho ho’), your Christmas gift is a Santa suit. Oh, and that unusually large box under the tree.


Your sign has a reputation for seeing work as a virtue, so the demands for your services that accompany Mars’ transit through your sixth solar house shouldn’t present you with too many problems. Problems are there to be solved, right?

Nor is all work the same. The duties and errands that must be run to keep business ticking over are one thing, but the opportunity to flex your creative muscles, and to be righteously in charge of operations rather than an unacknowledged servant to someone else’s vanity … those are another thing entirely, and are currently on offer. The new Moon of the mid-winter solstice puts things swiftly into motion.

In your solar ‘scope, Capricorn also represents partying hearty, showing off and falling in love again, not forgetting relishing the joys brought by your offspring. December and January look like quite a season.

Long-term heavy-duty relationships (including ex’s) are also revved up this month. Here the planets have two different stories. Neptune and Chiron suggest a very tender spot in your armoury, with your readiness to help wounded souls not necessarily an asset. Don’t get swept off course.

Planet Prometheus has other ideas; an illicit romp perhaps, making

Your Christmas gift; a snug sleigh ride for two/


Entertaining at home or partying and dining out? Your place or mine? Fourth house ofrfifth? Libran life is full of such tortured decisions in December, when ruler Venus and stimulating Mars compete with each other for your attention.

Being something of a dualist at heart (one scale or the other?) it shouldn’t be too hard for you to slip in and out of your comfort zone in the run-into the New Year. Your ‘scope comes with the need to mix and bond with pals, siblings and friends that ayou consider soul brothers or sisters. Rewards are attached. Mars rampant in your fifth house of none-too-guilty pleasures has ‘love affair’ as one of its possible missions (winning things is another).

The full Moon of December 5/6 is favourably potent in your social and business lives, as in more intimate matters. Under the aegis of Prometheus – spot lit this month – relationships are not easy street just now, more like a thrilling, scary ride.

The new Moon on the midwinter solstice activates the very nadir of your solar ‘scope, the place where attachments to home, hearth and clan are at their fiercest. Rebuild your roots. This lunar cycle makes

your Christmas gift: decked halls, in the most tasteful way of course.


With your Mars ruler coursing through your home zone you look quite the domestic demon, fixing, scouring and de-junking ready for the festive season.

First, though, you may need to do some rapid calculations to ensure that all is well in your financial realm. Two years of Saturn should have made clear the value of an objective overview; be clinical about it, as Saturn, which moves into your cash zone at Yuleetide, doesn’t care for ambiguity. The full Moon of the December 5/6 shinesan illuminating ight on assets and expenditure.

The planets that accumulate in your third house as December unfolds make the social scene a piece of spiced cake. Siblings enrich you. Romances are trickier. The hard lessons learned these last two years are the ones to hang onto just now, as you resolve Saturnian issues. Don’t be letting go of the details in your schedules and plans until Christmas Eve, however – remember normal life resumes on the other side of the festivities.

Shedding Saturn’s load is your first Christmas gift. Neptune in your fith makes another: a sentimental heirloom.


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