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Your Stars October 2014


By repute, Librans don’t care for being alone and do not prosper when asked to go solo, and if you are all tucked up in a sweet partnership, then embrace and enjoy. Your birthday stars, however, are insistent in questioning how much significant other you can swallow just now. The contrary energies of Prometheus (aka Uranus for less open-minded astrologers) remains a potent signifier in your affairs, not least at the full Moon of October 8th, a date around which to duck and dive (see forecast for David Cameron below).

Prometheus in long term (seven year) residence is an insistent reminder that partnerships must be as equally balanced as your Scales. Tired relationships become insupportable. Those with sparky, challenging types become attractive. Old chums bust their flush. New pals arrive with vigour. Around the eclipsed full Moon of the 8th such feelings are intensified, not least because your Venus ruler is in the frame.

The goddess Venus – fair but wilful, gracious but pushy – is prominent in your skies throughout October, accentuating Libran’s charms. You have allure on your side – don’t think of leaving the house without a thought-through outfit – yet the question remains just how available you are. Demarcate your boundaries with clarity, without getting into Libra’s less frequently mentioned impulse for confrontation. Make peace.

Can you do possibly act out simple nice and friendly? Since Mercury is retrograde in your skies for much of the month, your legendary indecision may prove entirely appropriate (“Never decide what you can put off until tomorrow,” as arch-Libran Oscar Wilde put it), whether it concerns relationships or other issues. However, Pluto and Jupiter in strong aspect to your Sun make obsession and/or the boundary between friend and lover equally likely.

If relationships look all over the place just now, at least they are so on your terms. If you’re single and hungry, go hunting. Single or hitched, your favoured peer group remains an enormous source of support in the run-up to the New Year. Libran birthday parties look de rigeur, yet with Mercury hoopla more than one set of invitations will be required. Double check.

Anything other than you you you at stake this month? Not much. Sharpening up your communications infrastructure is on the cards, though the new phone may have to wait until after Mercury plays nice from the 25th. The month’s new Moon and second (less dramatic) eclipse will be out the way by then, meaning a furrowed brow over your accounts is mandatory. Did you really spend so much during early October? Of course you did! Happy birthday.

Libran of The Month

David Cameron b 9.10.1966

As a national leader and world statesman, what could be better than a transit of Jupiter, the planet of emperors? Cameron has both his Moon in Leo (proud!) and Jupiter in the same regal sign (very proud!), so Jupiter’s return to the sign of natural majesty should herald a year of good fortune and easy victories.

Yet we have already seen the flip side of freedom-loving Jupiter at work. As world crisis (ISIS) and national crisis (Scots independence) loomed, Dave was pictured frolicking in the Cornish surf and pointing mysteriously at a piece of hake on a fishmonger’s slab. Crisis, what crisis?

Cameron’s current horoscope is also a reminder that astrologers must juggle with several factors when making a call. This month’s total lunar eclipse falls precisely opposite the Prime Minister’s birthday Sun, the date when his party will likely lose a by-election to UKIP. Oops! Said eclipse further suggests he is moving into a very different personal phase over the next six months, as does the disruptive planet Prometheus, also in opposition. Jupiter’s presence in his ‘scope, far from promising a coronation, looks more like a blessed release from responsibility next spring. Happy returns!


You face a month of contrasts, when ultra personal and ultra public issues must both be honoured. The former are almost certainly the most challenging. The eclipsed full Moon of the 8th, falling on the axis of mind-body-spirit, means matters that are not for anyone else’s attention, even your nearest and dearest, must be privately confronted and resolved, whether by meditation, detox or therapy. Mercury retreating from your skies (come the 11th) hammers home the message that a damn good think is in order before you press any buttons marked ‘go’.

You cannot, of course, spend the first three weeks of October on yoga retreat (bully for you if you can), yet patience is urged until shortly after the new Moon of the 23rd (another eclipse). Until then, you simply don’t have the full information to make an informed decision, though personal demons can be tussled to the ground.

And yet, and yet, here is Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars, sweetly aspected to Jupiter and Venus at mid-month, meaning this is also a time to parade your professional talents and make some money, no small matter when you have been under Saturn’s cosh for the last couple of years. Whatever is going on internally, push on with a stoic smile in your chosen profession.

You have doubtless heard more than enough about Saturn, not least from this astrologer, yet perhaps now you can see that the rough ride of the last two years has been a necessary prelude to a more successful phase that lies just ahead during your birthday month. Saturn, known as the Lord of Necessity in medieval times, has a simple enough message; do whatever is needed to survive. Your birthday season, starting promptly at the new Moon of the 23rd, promises a happy outcome to your hard work (undoubted) and privations and the loss of dear ones (possible).

That the new Moon coincides with Venus’ arrival in Scorpio skies – we are talking rare exactitude here – is a canny omen. Choose your Venusian objective: a full-on birthday party (tick), a complete make-over (tick), a charm offensive (tick), the despatch of an outworn relationship (tick), the seduction of an unknown newcomer (tick), or the pursuit of a probably impossible/unsuitable crush (er, maybe no tick). All are sweetly described by that invisible new Moon of the 23rd.

As for November, think ‘reckoning’, ‘pay-off’ or even, ulp ‘triumph’. We’ll see.


Feistier and fierier than usual? You have every excuse, astrologically speaking. Primary in your horoscope is Mars coursing through the Centaur’s skies until the 26th, en route making dynamic aspects to ruler Jupiter and Prometheus in the zodiac’s other two fire signs. As related last month, such aspects scare the knickers off the rest of us – what can be done to placate a Centaur with his or her dander up? For you, however, this represents a chance to force through your plans, both personal and professional.

Needless to say, terms and conditions apply, notably those set by the pesky retrograde of Mercury, which slows down the pace of events for you as it does for the rest of the zodiac. The total lunar eclipse of the 8th also comes loaded with caveats. As said event is all tangled up with your romantic life, it can spell wither the end of one affair or the maturation of one – in either instance a key date to refer back to would be April this year. If you’re footloose and

That your planet, Jupiter, continues to be hyper-active in your ‘scope further promises an optimistic outlook and the opening of new horizons, be they physical (a grand Himalayan trek) or inward (a new interest in Sumerian archaeology, say). What the rest of the world must understand is that Centaurs don’t care for boundaries, and that just now, you aren’t to be denied your freedom. Whether you have the loot to pursue your interests is a question posed more acutely in November. Meanwhile, make the most of your liberty – once Saturn arrives at the new year, you’ll need to be in more constrained mode.


It’s hard to overstate the importance of career to most Capricorns. Whether it’s the desire for respect from the world, a passion for their profession or fear of being carted back to the humble circumstances of their childhood, success matters.

Much of October presents you with a challenge in this regard, mainly because a retrograde Mercury may require you to do tasks twice over and retrieve lost paperwork from the bin where a minion has decided it belongs. Plus there’s a total lunar eclipse to handle at the 8th, making for a few days of further information blackout. It’s doubtless nothing you can’t handle, but forewarned is forearmed.

Pressing onwards, as you must, becomes easier towards the end of October, when the season of Scorpio arrives. Another, less dramatic eclipse on the 23rd, a new Moon, may serve you up another cryptic puzzle, but with your totem planet, Saturn, in helpful, no-nonsense mode throughout the month, you can look to your network for support and be a team player rather than the solo star and undisputed boss that you are at other times.

One of those times will surely come once mars arrives in the Sea goat’s skies on the 26th for a six week stay. Mars and Capricorn may not look natural partners but tradition has the red planet ‘exalted’ (ie highly effective) in you sign, so November will be pedal-to-the-metal month, whether you are wish to make a professional point with vigour or pursue more personal, perhaps romantic agendas. The 29th/30th, with a growing Moon in your skies, is good for both showing off and getting pushy.


Looking to push on with your career? The traditional ruler of your noble sign is Saturn, a somewhat cold-blooded character but one that helps give you a detached view of worldly affairs when other signs are getting in a stew. A slightly disengaged attitude may help you in October, when the demands to push onwards in your chosen profession have to be balanced with the uncertainties entailed by an eclipse and Mercury’s wayward behaviour.

Saturn has doubtless made the last 18 months something of a slog with your career, and even if you have joined the movers and shakers on the top table (this is Saturn’s agenda) every advance has been hard won. The month of Scorpio, from the 23rd, brings professional issues to the boil and hopefully to happy fruition – November is key here. However, the eclipsed new Moon at the very crest of your ‘scope on the 23rd means a few days of information blackout. Furthermore, with Mercury backsliding at precisely this point from the 4th, revision of your goals and re-assessment of their practicality are called for during October. On a more positive note, the backslide of the communications planet can bring old offers and apparently missed opportunities back into play. In other words, everything is provisional for now, albeit charged with opportunity

The other candidate for the Urn Bearer’s rulership, Prometheus/Uranus, is also tangled up in an eclipse at the full Moon of the 8th. Again, something of a black hole where information is concerned – your sparkly new phone may go hoopla – calling for patience and watchfulness.

More personal matters look easier to handle. Jupiter continues to course forwards in opposition, on the upside bringing enriching partnerships (and disengaging you from burned-out affairs), on the downside encouraging you to spend money you haven’t made. Themes of travel (double check your tickets) and education remain strong throughout the month, thanks to planetary activity in your fellow air sign of Libra.

The thin line between friendship and something more intimate is meanwhile there to be scrutinised and perhaps crossed. Mars favours your associations with fellow travellers (feisty but rewarding) and the team to which, as a socially minded creature, you surely belong. Stronger feelings may come into play, notably around 4th (nice weekend for you), the 8th and the 31st, another weekend when, with a quarter moon in your skies, you can likewise shine.


Money, fame, sex…part of your horoscope looks like a storyline from an airport novel or a 1970s super-soap (Dallas is on the way back, after all). If you are a particular stripe of fantasy-prone Pisces you may even fancy you are living through something like it.

Most of you, however, will have your feet planted firmly in work and finances (or lack of them). Your ‘scope is certainly making a song and dance out of money issues. A total lunar eclipse in your house of resources on October 8 calls for attention to what’s in the bank and what you feel you’re worth. Add in a retrograde Mercury also asking questions about wealth that’s yours, but perhaps tied up with someone else’s situation, or tangled in the mire of mortgages and such like, and you are looking at a month staring at bank statements and property agreements (without feeling that you are destined for the Poor House). As long as you are on top of the situation, however rough – rather than the other way round – then all is well. That eclipse and a wayward mercury means you are in the business of research and planning – best postpone action until the last week of the month, a clearer and in other ways more congenial phase for Fish folk.

There is – usually – a direct association between work and wealth, and as your ruler, Jupiter, is strong in the zone of everyday graft, advantage flows from any kind of employment. Mars riding high in your ‘scope suggests that you don’t get too many breaks without an argument or two, but a rare Jupiter-Mars alignment offers encouragement here. Stay active. Mars moves on at the 26th, to a more comradely situation where you get team support.

The new Moon of the 23rd, in your kindred water sign of Scorpio, also opens a month where you get assistance, especially if you are involved with education, training, media or have overseas connections.

As for fame …you can continue to spin your own storyline for now, but come the New Year expect some more exacting inspection of your undoubted prowess. And as for sex…with Venus in your eighth there seems to be possibilities of something unusually intense and passion-fuelled. Relationships are under no huge planetary challenge just now, but do call for honesty, not least in bed.


‘Me, myself and I’ is reckoned a central part of The Ram’s nature; look after number one and the rest of the world will sort itself out. A month dominated by planets in opposition argues otherwise, that significant others must be, if not honoured, at least acknowledged, whether they are playmates, ex’s or open foes. High burn contempt – an attitude not unknown to Aries in a huff – is unlikely to produce results. Diplomacy is all, not least around the eclipsed full Moon of the 8th, which is in your skies, and which promises a vanishing act, or at least a sea change, for one or two crucial relationships. Events from six months back – your birthday – may have a crucial part to play here.

One-on-one relationships come heavily nuanced. Venus in opposition can capture your heart or turn it green with envy. A retrograde Mercury in opposition can signal infuriating flake-outs and/or bring long lost lovers back into play – all scenarios most likely to be in play around the 17th. Your job is to discern others’ intent, refine your own feelings and help create peace in the valley.

Helping you along the way are rare aspects from other fire signs (Jupiter and Mars in Leo and Sag, fact fans), promising that leaving the house, maybe to jet to distant shores, can supply the excitement on which all red-blooded Aries feed. If you are in the dating game, the first three weeks of October looks like feeding frenzy. If you’re hitched you may need to slip the leash for a solo adventure. If you are the creative kind, then your mojo should be working overtime.

Whatever compromises are involved, make the most of October since once your Mars ruler hits the peak of your ‘scope on the 26th, you will be plunged more deeply into the world of professional politics, and your adversaries in and out of the workplace may be scenting blood (yours!), making any current turmoil in your personal life lightweight by comparison. November holds real challenges in this respect.

The new Moon of 21 October looks a benign prospect by comparison, a chance to get more intimate with a romantic prospect, though since this is also an eclipse, you may like to check whether your financial situation is as rosy – or bleak – as you imagine.


The Bull isn’t one for ambiguity and mixed messages, which makes the greater part of October’s horoscopic message refreshingly simple: work. It’s a four-letter word alright, but one that promises to deliver as much reward as you invest in effort.

Having been under Saturn’s karmic cosh for nigh on two years, this may not strike you as news, but this is less to do with Saturn’s demands, more of which shortly, than with the fundamentals of lifestyle; eat frugally, exercise sensibly, get an early night or seven, be systematic around schedules and paperwork, and leave nothing to chance. With Mercury retrograde in your sixth house, together with ruler Venus, you have to behave like a fastidious Virgo (don’t complain, for you it’s an episode, for them a life sentence).

There are subtexts involved – if you are of a spiritual persuasion, the full Moon of October 8 can deliver profound insight and release, and even if you aren’t, the weekend of the 10th/11th, when Luna is exalted in your skies, looks fine for a frolic in the limelight.

With the advent of the month of Scorpio – your opposite sign – on October 23 you are into a different patch. Significant others – old and new flames, open enemies, tennis partners – may seem to set the agenda and to demand solutions as to how you two can settle issues, yet with your godmother Venus ‘captured’ by the eclipsed new Moon of the 23rd, drag your heels about resolving anything. Eclipses can be moments of opportunity but they are more often unreliable guides. Slow and reflective is how to handle issues, even if you are in the grips of infatuation.

That goes too for the major projects you have been handling this last two years under Saturn. Look upon Scorpio’s month as a climax for work, property and money issues; since you have laboured so hard to bring things to fruition, don’t let the details slip now. If possible, get the Taurus full Moon of November 6th out of the way before you seal any deals, by which time Mercury will be beaming way more reliable information your way. If you’re looking to offload a lover or complete a divorce, that goes double.

The last week of the month may also bring opportunities to physically escape – a potent Mars in your ninth house of exploration and far shores is a handy omen for travel, and for anything to do with education and/or publishing. There’s much to play for in November.


The tri-annual periods when your planet, Mercury, goes backwards are not all frustration and delay. They are necessary phases when you have to slow down and, with luck, smell the flowers. The good news if that said blooms look to be out in force this month, at least socially speaking. The Sun and Venus in your fifth house are majorly about pleasure and circulating, not to mention pursuing the bright elusive butterfly of love, to quote a corny old song. There are complications about relationships nonetheless. The total eclipse of the full Moon on the 8th is a fine time to see an affair vanish – with or without your consent – and/or to see a contender for your affections arrive from an unexpected quarter. The same goes for friendships. This eclipse looks a game changer. Reserve Sunday the 12th – when the waning moon is in your skies – for a sweet occasion, perhaps with a long-time no-see associate.

You will, in fact, need your well-honed Gemini wits about you when handling others. Mars remains in opposition until the 23rd, calling for strategy with your enemies, including the irate ex, and wariness that any dashing beau who recently engaged your attention isn’t also Mr Angry. Tiptoe through the tulips with care. The next generation – your kids or youngsters in your orbit – promise welcome escape from any fraught scenarios.

The mood music changes with the new Moon of the 23rd, with work and money issues more urgent. Anyone who commands (or thinks they do) your purse strings or property needs a gentle reminder that you run your affairs, not them – an issue that could get acute in November.


You are in the business of holding steady for most of October, a month when two lunar eclipses, not to mention a Mercury retrograde, can test your resolve and patience.

The lunar cycle is of especial importance to Cancerians, the Crab being the only sign ruled by mysterious yet benign Luna. The total eclipse of the full Moon on October 8th can cut two ways – as a disruptor of your home or professional life, or an opportunity to change things on your terms, situations that apply especially to birthdays circa July 7. No need to get the heebie-jeebies, but monitor the domestic and family situation with care. With Mercury in disinformation mode in the same zone of your ‘scope, it will be another month before you can be sure what’s going on, whether it’s inaccurate bills from the utility companies or some similar dispute.

By now you must be used to the unpredictable nature of business affairs, where many of you have been obliged to play office (maybe real) politics. Here the full Moon gives you a heads-up concerning events from back at your birthday, even though with Mercury hoopla, the usual delays, terms and conditions apply.

Less murky, though perhaps no less challenging, are affairs of the heart. The new Moon of the 23rd, another though partial eclipse, coincides with fair Venus arriving in your romance and recreation zone, meaning every Scorpio party calls for your attendance. While Venus puts you on the front foot where relationships (new or old) are concerned, Mars moving into opposition at the same time lines you up for some contretemps with you-know-who or, staying positive, being swept off your feet by a forceful individual, maybe a Capricorn.

In the former scenario, avoid going to war with an ex or your live-in lover. Quite simply, you look outgunned, especially in November, when long-term outcomes to rocky relationships are also promised denouement. In other respects, the season of Scorpio, a fellow water sign, works in your favour, and if you can wangle anything that looks even remotely like a holiday, do so.


Over the last couple of months – and the next couple come to that – your horoscope has looked way more benign and exciting than in an age. Not necessarily easier – in fact, if you aren’t engaged in some kind of challenge to further your plans just now, you are missing a trick. Jupiter, still surging forwards through your skies, is an opener of the ways, allowing you to push for promotion, switch your profession or even change your country of residence.

In October Jupiter makes a rare and dynamic aspect to Mars, exact at the lunar eclipse of October 8 – highly favourable for above situations and, indeed, anything involving self-projection. A major romance can also flourish now – feed any flames of interest that are currently flickering, and take yourself out of the house whenever possible – the weekend of the 18th, with the waning Moon in the Lion’s skies, is obligingly starred for adventure. Give troubled relationships as little of your energy as you can; the me-me agenda is, for once, appropriate.

Any drawbacks? There’s the customary hassle that accompanies Mercury in retrograde, and since the planet of communication is in your third house of messages, travel and internet running, you may need saintly patience when dealing with phone companies and melting tablets. The partially eclipsed new Moon of the 23rd may also announce complications concerning your domestic scenario. Here, Saturn in long term residence has already put you through the mill over the last 18 months, so best treat late October and November as the concluding (almost) chapter in a long-running saga. The Leo palace will be built!


One of the less obvious facets of your autumn horoscope is the beneficial part played by behind the scenes activities; either actions that are nobody’s concern but your own, duties you undertake without bragging about them or, to go into metaphor, the flutter of angelic wings working on your behalf. Jupiter in your twelfth house governs such scenarios, and as the upbeat, ‘lucky’ planet is so prominent this month, take heart that rewards will arrive from selfless behaviour, or at the least, from extra hours spent on the yoga mat or cloister.

Otherwise, your ‘scope is resoundingly worldly in outlook. With Sun and Venus in your second house, finances remain large in the frame, and a total eclipse of the full Moon on the 8th asks you to peek unblinkingly at your cash flow and assets. Even if things are awry – which would be rather unVirgo like – best not take fright as the retrograde of your mercury ruler in the same zone of your ‘scope calls for research rather than revolution. You can spring into action of a long-term kind after the 23rd when the new Moon (another though partial eclipse) launches a different phase of your affairs. The most important thing is not to be caught unawares, or to ignore any poor news (after all, an unexpected bundle of the folding stuff may be the outcome of that total eclipse).

Thanks to Mars, home zone of your ‘scope is also under emphasis in the first three weeks of October; cue noisy builders and unruly lodgers, and though a transient affair, you may like to think long term about your domestic set-up, given the arrival of Saturn here at new year, a less-forgiving prospect.

Mars’ shift into a fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 26th opens a different phase when recreation and romance are in favour. One of your high-speed jinks around your favoured watering holes – yours will be a herbal tea, naturally – is all in favour as the month draws to a close. With Venus also changing sign favourably, those of you in the dating game can anticipate some action. Aspects to Neptune in late October and early November will hopefully you to identify just what you are seeking from a relationship and, if you are dealing with an elusive (flaky?) customer, to get a few straight answers.


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