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Your Stars July 2014

The thrice annual, three-week cycle of Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation among astrologers and the demi-interested alike. When the god of communication slips backwards in the sky, things go awry; mobile phones die, meetings are missed and traffic jams accumulate.

Still, life must continue, and decisions must be made. During June’s Merc Ret cycle, I moved house, which is why this forecast is late (apologies) – indeed, given the tortuous process of property deals, it would be hard not to be involved in one of the tiny planet’s retrogrades. And while the relocation went smoothly enough, all attempts to get an Internet connection were dashed; an aspect of MR that I had overlooked.

Plus, as a cover story in the latest edition of The Mountain Astrologer aptly points out, “If I refuse to do something during a Mercury retrograde. I may congratulate myself on not being exposed to risk, but at the same time, I’ll never know what I missed”. Nonetheless, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the quicksilver planet is again moving forwards (since July 1), enabling us to revisit June ‘s missed opportunities.

July signals a major change in the planetary weather in other respects. Mars finally gets out of Libra’s skies on July 25 after a protracted seven-month stay. Synchronous with that Jupiter moves into Leo, Saturn moves forwards after several months of retrograde, and Prometheus/Uranus turns backwards. Add in the annual move of the mighty Sun into its own sign of Leo on July 23, and the latter part of the month looks something of an upheaval, not least for the ‘fixed’ signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

The ‘Cardinal Cross’ that defined the first half of 2014 hasn’t gone away completely, however; the clash between Prometheus (liberation) and Pluto (suppression) rumble on into 2015, along with the huge political upheavals that have accompanied this rare planetary cycle. The next exact aspect between the pair is December 2014, before the final contretemps in March 2015.



The end of every planetary cycle means the beginning of another, and one of July’s tasks is to recognise what’s over and what’s getting started. This may be difficult, since the Crab’s skies are bustling throughout the month and your chances of quiet contemplation are slim. More likely is frantic action on all fronts; the mills of industry must be kept humming, your birthday must be honoured and the delights of summer must be savoured. Bring it on!

What’s ending? Jupiter quits your skies on July 16, and while the ‘money’ planet may not have filled your pockets with silver over the last year, it would be surprising if you have not been prised from your shell in more subtle ways. A bigger, more ambitious picture remains in front of your nose, not least around the giddy full Moon of the weekend of July 12, at which point the Way Forward, whether with work, matters of the heart or even, gasp, your actual home, becomes way clearer.

The re-arrival of communicator Mercury (July 13), sensual Venus (July 19) and the re-advance of stern Saturn (July 21) all put you on the front foot. Prevaricate no longer. Underscoring that mood comes the move of Mars into fellow water sign Scorpio (July 26), and though Mars’ business kicks in properly during August, personal passions, including romance, take priority in the last week of the month. However, Mars is doing you few favours until the 26th; avoid turf wars and personal showdowns with saintly patience, unless, that is, you are happy to burn bridges (birthdays July 19 take note).

Going back to Jupiter and money: with the Big Guy of the solar system in your cash zone for the next year, you should, with a little effort, be able to coin more of the stuff. Money may not buy you love, but it pays the bills. Happy birthday.


Get your skates on. Messenger Mercury is back up to speed and keen to connect you with friends, fellow travellers and all manner of business deals. The more wheeler dealing you can do before the full Moon of the 12th, the better. Other planets in air and fire signs likewise ease your path in affairs that straddle your social and professional worlds.

The big event of the month is nonetheless the arrival (on July 16) of Jupiter in the Lion’s regal skies for a 12 month stay, with especial emphasis on the next five months, as the giant planet sweeps forwards and crosses the birthday Suns of any Leo born before August 16. Jupiter transits come laden with astrological promise, but your active co-operation is nonetheless called for if you are to receive the pots of dosh and trans-continental trips associated with Jupiter. Thing big. Show good faith.

The new Moon of July 26 (at 22.42 pm GMT) is your springboard into the future, and those born July 23-27 having a special say in this new chapter. All Leos are called on to make a resolution of noble intention to go with the new Moon, and then to work like billio to bring it into manifestation. Don’t expect an easy ride (though enjoy it if it comes). Saturn – the Lord of Necessity in contrast to Jupiter Lord of Possibility – remains on your case, so duties must be done. August and September look like hard, albeit rewarding work. Anything to do with home, property and your domestic set-up needs to be done with cool, dispassionate attention to detail. What you put in place this summer and autumn tends to stick around, so choose practical targets.

The emotional churn is harder to fathom, though Jupiter is by character cheery, jovial and optimistic. The next two months gives you plenty of license to show off. If you are in a secretive, liaison dangereuse, expect it to turn intense in the final week of the month, when Venus and Pluto meet. If you are in conflict, keep things objective, practical. If you have recently (i.e. this year) met a fellow firebrand of an unconventional stripe, expect July to bring things to a happy climax ready for stage two of the relationship. Burnout is also a possibility. Single and searching? Be prepared to go way off the beaten track.


An idle Virgo is an unhappy creature, and since your ruler Mercury remains in co-operative mood all month, there is no excuse for you not to run your errands and complete multiple missions, especially those regarding your career and your professional network. Virgoan relentlessness gets you the result you seek. Venus is also involved: relationships that straddle the line between co-worker and a more intimate involvement are up for exploration, with the last days of the month especially hot.

As related in last month’s forecast, Virgoan love lives look something of a mystery just now, with boundaries needing to be clearly and mutually understood. Your willingness to make sacrifices and to help others is admirable but not always helpful to little old you. The lessons in toughness you experienced back in 2008-2009 needs to be borne in mind. If you are single and casting around, the full Moon weekend of July 12 looks promising.

The closing week of the month signals a change of atmosphere. With a new Moon and Jupiter in the most secretive and spiritual zone of your ‘scope, the part of you that you don’t show the world is being reborn. Jupiter is the symbol of good faith and good health, issues that become more important, and rewarding, in the second half of 2014.


For a sign that allegedly about peace, harmony and ‘Let’s all pull together’, Libra can be jolly adversarial. Fair play – yours is also a ‘Cardinal’ sign i.e. pushy – and with Mars in your skies since December 2014 you have surely had a point or two to prove. The red planet finally moves on come July 26, but until then remains a mover and shaker.

One issue is how you express anger and disapproval without upsetting significant others – we’re talking beaus, belles, ex’s, friends and open enemies – another how you deal with their (no doubt unmerited) disapproval. Lashing out is not your best course of action, simply because there are likely to be consequences, and burnt bridges may take a long time to repair. Still, when faced with incoming flak (expect it) you aren’t one to go foetal.

One might consider the plight of UK Prime Minister David Cameron (b. 9.10. 66) as emblematic. With Mars on his Libran Sun he picked a battle he couldn’t win (over the appointment of a new Euro supremo), and with Prometheus opposite his Sun saw two former close aides in trouble; spin doctor Andy Coulson found guilty of phone hacking and special adviser Patrick Rock charged with making indecent images of children.

Many of the issues in 2014 (specifically May and June) go back to 2010-12, so do look at the longer picture. You have been pushed onto a more independent course since then, and proud autonomy remains your best strategy. Partner-free is not Libra’s natural mode, but just now it’s fine, a way to show others you are neither needy nor fearful. The current phase reaches a climax around the full Moon of July 12 – not an unpressured moment – so dance alone in oh-so-elegant Libran style and let others catch up with you whenever.

Staying industrious is another part of July’s equation. Ruler Venus crests your ‘scope on the 19th, and with Jupiter simultaneously favouring teamwork with fellow professionals, throwing yourself into career is one way out of those tricksy relationship issues. As the last week of July should show you, you aren’t defined by others, however significant, but by your own appetite for success and, yes, power.


Feel like busting loose? July sees your ‘scope finely poised between the close and start of several planetary cycles. The single most-dominant factor in your situation remains Saturn, Lord of necessity, which is stationary bang in the midst of Scorpio’s skies – highly decisive and likely uncomfortable if your birthday is around November 8. Saturn puts one on the spot, presents one with long-term decisions, promotions, financial and property realities, not to mention the shadow of ageing.

The good news is that with Saturn moving forward to complete its transit of Scorpio by Christmas, the worries and breakthroughs of the last 18 months are there to be resolved. Just in time to lend you the energy and chutzpah to handle affairs comes your ruler, warrior Mars. Seven months of the red planet in your solar twelfth house must have called for some lengthy bouts of introspection. Mars’ arrival for a six-week stay from July 26 means action, with events being shaped and directed by your formidable resolve and willpower.

That Jupiter is likewise completing a protracted stay in Cancer lends another strand to early July. Any international links, long distance hauls and calls, education and publishing matters are much in favour until the 16th. Jupiter’s move to the apex of your ‘scope, where there is a new moon on July 26, marks a critical phase in your career, with the next few months optimum for sealing a new position. Remember: resolve, optimism, thoroughness, willpower.
Planets in fellow water signs soften the immediate atmosphere as you deal with the Big Issues. Mercury, from the 13th, and venues, from the 19th, speed your plough and provide simpatico company. Further alignments to Pisces quicken the romantic pulse; the siren call is in the air in the latter half of July and with passionate mars on the March, you are among the summer’s hottest dates. Ooh lala.


Whatever your game – romance, money, travel, education, sporting success – July is very much Game On! Mars, Prometheus and Venus line up in the first half of July to activate the most passionate zones of your ‘scope.

For single Centaurs this configuration provides a parade of head-turners, while those chasing other kinds of public glory have the rub of the green. Those in committed relationships can straighten out misunderstandings from last month and bury any hatchets that have been bared. You might try and take your problems into the bedroom, through whose windows the full Moon of July 12 shines especially brightly.

Directly afterwards, on the 16th, your Jupiter ruler makes a momentous shift into your fellow fire sign of Leo and your solar ninth house, governing all of Sagittarius’s numerous interests: travel, education, religion, philosophy, social morals and law. For the next twelve months, and the next five in particular, you are asked to live up your reputation as noble explorer of inner and outer worlds. Think Jimi Hendrix and Steven Spielberg.

The new Moon of July 26 is a highly auspicious ‘seed moment’ when you can begin a new quest, November-born Sags should take especial advantage of Jupiter’s following wind. You only get this kind of help every dozen years.

If Jupiter didn’t line your caskets with gold and silver in its transit of your eighth house of resources, you have a final hurrah mid month; scan the horizon for windfalls.

Meanwhile Saturn resumes its inexorable march onto your skies, which happens at the end of 2014. Everything you have been nurturing in private needs to be readied for public display around the time of your birthday. Game on.


Mountain Goats being such tough customers, it’s rare to find yourself bothered, bewildered or beleaguered. Still, the cosmos gives you plenty of excuse for a spot of anxiety just now. Firstly, you’re six months between birthdays, with the empowering Sun at its weakest point, which also means that the full Moon of the 12th is in your skies, making said weekend something of a hot spot in your personal life. If you’re in celebration mode, fine, but this is not a propitious weekend for showdowns with you-know-who.

As related last month, one-on-ones of every description – pals, ex’s, spouses, tennis partners – are in flux just now. Jupiter in its final phase of opposition (for another 12 years) either plunges you in deeper with someone or unhitches you from a worn-out alliance. July is a turning point. Singletons are promised a sunnier outlook come the 19th, when Venus arrives in your complementary sign of Cancer to provide a few head-turners.

As for that ever-important Capricorn career, you’re still in deep political territory, full of cut and thrust. The good news is that with Mars finally quitting Libra on the 26th, and your Saturn ruler changing direction, you will be able to build a smoother, more harmonious team around you during this summer. Until then, dig in your heels in the politest possible way your infinite patience can muster.


It’s a month of two halves. Happily alignments in your fellow air signs of Gemini and Libra link Venus and Mars in a dynamic embrace to lend help with anything that touches close to your heart; amours, kids, your search for a wonder chemistry equation. This is a passing window of opportunity, most open around the 24th-27th

One-on-one relationships of all kinds are accentuated again by the arrival of Jupiter (on the 16th) in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with friends, bridge partners, ex’s, future dates, sworn enemies and all points between. This is a year long transit, but the new Moon of the 26th, in your complementary sign of Leo, couldn’t be more fortuitous, whether your intention is to liberate yourself from an unhappy liaison or to formalise an existing affair. Jupiter represents good fortune, so other people, even foes, can prove lucky on your behalf. Whatever is going on, Jupiter asks for some close examination of your partnerships this coming few months. Take nothing for granted, appreciate every good turn.

The worlds of work and career – not always synonymous – are also in July’s frame. May Aquarians have been put through testing professional times over the last 18 months – that may include winning a promotion – but nothing comes simply while Saturn sits on top of your ‘scope. You just have to chisel out your personal space, argue for every concession, and tough things out until Christmas. Saturn is your sign’s traditional ruler, so being a tad dispassionate about your public world shouldn’t prove too hard.

The full Moon of July 12 touches on your secret self and super-deep longings; a good moment for a bit of introspection and meditation. On Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th the just-past full Moon is the skies of the Urn Bearer; top moment for some serious business activity. Don’t make it a Blue Mond


All play and no work? You can be forgiven for indulging in your more frivolous (escapist even), romantic side just now. Your ruling planet (by tradition), Jupiter, is in excelsis in Cancer in the first half of July, while the Sun, Mercury and Venus passing through the same kindred water sign all favour living it up rather than buckling down, though if you are the artistic stripe of Pisces you are promised inspiration for your fevered acts of creativity.

Being on display and in the midst of the social whirl is the least you can do for yourself. The fifth house of your ‘scope is the home of the Sun, the place you shine, and the place where you find courtship, art, children (not necessarily your own), and success on the sporting field. Take it away. Existing relationships have a happy intensity just now, give them your best shot.

The shift of Jupiter into your sixth house on the 16th, followed by the potent new Moon of the 26th, has a very different agenda, one concerned with work, infrastructure, skills acquisition and health regimes. Since this is a year long ‘influence’, start as you mean to continue.

Another significant development concerns the zodiac’s second water sign, Scorpio, where Mars at last makes its appearance on the 26th. For you, Scorpio represents far away places with strange sounding names and the higher echelons of learning. Saturn’s turn round in Scorpio emphasises the same themes; attend to your international contacts with due diligence, and immerse yourself in bookcraft.

The third water sign if of course your own, where the enigmatic planets of Neptune and Chiron remain. Neptune, often claimed your ruling planet, crawls round the zodiac, and birthdays around February 26 are those chiefly concerned with its nebulous energies; inspirational at best, delusional at worst. Happily, Pisces’ reputation as the zodiac’s silly soft-touch was trashed several years ago – a decade back for February birthdays, more recently for the March born – as planet Prometheus marched through your skies on its mission of liberation. You are a tougher, more fulfilled individual as a result. Decide what kind of Fish you want to be – killer shark, leaping dolphin, basking whale, and dazzling coral-eater are all on offer – and swim bravely forwards.






You are tiptoeing –make it as gingerly as possible – towards a way more auspicious planetary picture that opens in the last week of July. The Sun in your fellow fire sign of Leo is always good news, but it’s Jupiter in the skies of the Lion (from the 16th for the first time in a dozen years) that promises to help raise your game for the next five months. The message is simple enough – to pursue your passion(s) with all the energy you can muster. Push, and doors open.

Prior to that Jupiter completes its transit of your home and family zone, placing emphasis on your domestic set-up, especially around the full Moon of July 12, when a new arrangement – or, indeed, a new career path – becomes apparent.

Further good news is the completion of your Mars ruler’s seven months in opposition on the 25th. If you have managed to get through 2014 without any bust-ups with a significant other, congratulations – you just have to endure Mars’ provocations a few weeks longer, until the 25th. Pushy types – yes, as pushy as yourself – are best ignored or placated until then. Open declarations of war remain a no-no.

The other planet that is oh-so on your case is Prometheus, at least if your birthday is around April 6. Prometheus is about liberation at all costs, and if you fancy a major make-over of your image, a separation from a tiresome spouse, or running off on an adventure holiday, you have a green light. Whether you can muster the funds to do so may be an issue; amid the new planetary picture that emerges at the end of the month is a reality check on finances. Yup, there’s always a catch!


July is a month of two parts. Mercury’s rewind in June is over, allowing you to firm up financial deals that have been had to be left dangling this last few weeks. With your Venus ruler also in your cash zone, the chance to increase your supply of the folding stuff is in the air.

That said, you remain under the narrow-eyed frown of Saturn in opposition, spelling a couple of years when money is too tight to mention (to quote an old song). The ringed planet is at a halt this month and therefore more intense, which calls for highly detailed and scrupulously realistic scrutiny of the situation regarding property and money. That you only have to endure a few more months of Saturn is reassuring, but just now you can’t take anything for granted.

That goes too for relationships. Taureans are good at loyalty, but even your good faith may have been tested in 2014. July is something of a turning point, whether you decide you can’t endure any more of you-know-who or stay the course. The advent of Mars in opposition on the 26th is a double-edged sword, increasing the chance of squabbles – August looks hotheaded – but also of the passion that’s a necessaty ingredient for any healthy entanglement.

Single Bulls are best placed to surf this particular wave, and with several heavenly bodies passing through the zone of your ‘scope where you find bright company and social frissons. The weekend of the 19/20, when a quarter Moon is in your skies, is hot for a social outing.


Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, has resumed normal service – and in your sign – it’s ‘Game On’, whether your game is sport, recreation or romance. The latter comes sweetly starred, with Venus also passing through your skies until July 18. All you have to do is to be even more outgoing and flirtatious than usual, at least if you’re unattached.

For Twins in long or short-term relationships a more complicated picture presents itself. Mars has been blowing hot and cold all year, and the red planet doesn’t complete its transit of your romance zone until the 25th, so there is plenty of time to ascertain the intentions of any beau or belle on your radar. June was prime territory for both meetings and departures, and the first stretch of July is a period when you’ll be dealing with events then. The full Moon weekend of July 12 looks promising for resolution.

You break new ground in other ways come the 16th. Jupiter’s change of sign for the next 12 months favours all maters pertaining to education, skills-learning, writing and the wonders of the Internet and digital realm. New developments in any of those areas may arrive promptly after the giant planet shifts into your solar third house on July 16, but more particularly after the Sun conjoins Jupiter on the 26th.

Career? The more you can work as a team alongside similarly sparky, inventive people the better. A solo act is likely not your strong point just now, though if you are born late May and in anything that might qualify as show business, you look quite the star.




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